Wound Care Market
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In 2014, approximately 15,775 fire-related injuries were reported in the U.S., as per the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Furthermore, the World Health Organization (WHO), in its 2014 publication, stated that around 1 million people in India suffer from moderate to severe burns yearly. This high and rising number of burn cases is driving the demand for various products to treat the resulting wounds. Burns caused by chemicals, radiation, heat, electricity, and friction lead to severe loss of tissue, blood vessels, and skin. Treating these wounds properly is mandatory, and this is done by the use of wound care products.

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Wound care products comprise advanced wound care products (AWP), wound closure products (WCP), and traditional wound care products (TWP). These products accelerate the wound healing process by providing thermal insulation, absorbing exudates, allowing gaseous exchange, and preventing the entry of infectious agents. They are used to treat chronic wounds, ulcers, and surgical wounds. In 2015, the global wound care market attained a size of $24,482.9 million, and it is predicted to witness a CAGR of 6.7% in the near future. Among different products, AWPs  are used the most and will continue to be popular in the coming years. AWPs are further divided into advanced wound dressings (AWD), wound therapy devices (WTD), and active wound care products (AWC). The requirement for these products is growing rapidly because they help speed up the wound healing process by regulating the temperature, oxygen flow, and moisture around the injured skin and tissue.


By Type of Wound Care Products

  • Advanced Wound Care Products
    • Advanced Wound Dressing
      • Foam Dressing
      • Hydrocolloid Dressing
      • Film Dressing
      • Alginate Dressing
      • Hydrogel Dressing
      • Collagen Dressing
      • Others
    • Wound Therapy Devices
      • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Devices
      • Oxygen and Hyperbaric Oxygen Equipment
      • Electrical Stimulation Devices
      • Others
    • Active Wound Care Products
      • Artificial Skin and Skin Substitutes
      • Topical Agents
  • Wound Closure Products
    • Sutures
    • Hemostats
    • Surgical Staples
    • Adhesives and Tissue Sealants
    • Wound Closure Strips
  • Traditional Wound Care Products
    • Bandage
    • Gauze
    • Sponge
    • Abdominal Pad
    • Others

By Type of Wound

  • Chronic Wound
  • Acute Wound

By Application

  • Surgical Wound
  • Ulcer
  • Burn

By End User

  • Inpatient Facilities
  • Outpatient Facilities

By Geography

  • North America – U.S. and Rest of North America
  • Europe – U.K., Germany, France and Rest of Europe
  • Asia-Pacific – China, Japan, India and Rest of Asia-Pacific
  • Rest of the World (RoW) – Brazil and Rest of Rest of the World

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