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Over the years India has been successful in delivering advancement in the field of spacecraft. Yes, previously India has delivered three major planetary spacecraft with great succession. But for now, India has planned for a new project or a new destination named ‘Venus’. Now India wants to gather information and study about Venus surface and subsurface in the coming years.

The authorities at the ISRO have now eyed for the planet named ‘Venus’. Their new plan focuses on Venus where they have approached the Indian National Government to proceed with this new approach. Once the Indian national government approves this mission with a positive approach they will start with this mission as earliest as possible. They plan to build a new spacecraft for the Venus orbiter which will transfer dozen of equipment with it. This new spacecraft for Venus orbiter might start in a few years after approval from the Indian national government.

According to Nigar Shaji who is one of the authorities from ISRO has affirmed that they aim to study the surface and subsurface of Venus through this new spacecraft mission. This statement was declared over the weekend at Colorado. He also stated that with this mission scientist will able to study deeply the structure and surface of Venus in a more advanced way. Also, it will tell us about the volcanic spots spread over the surface of the planet Venus. With the help of the mapping surface, it will deliver a clear picture of the entire surface and subsurface of the planet Venus. The scientist will have a deeper image to study and analyze the scattered area of Venus.

The mission aims to analyze and gather information based on Venus’s ionosphere and atmosphere at the same time. The scientist will see through their research work and study how this planet interacts or connects with its surrounding environment. It is also said that the spacecraft will carry 16 major instruments with it to have a deeper analysis of the planet.

However, if the Indian national government approves this mission named ‘Venus’ it will probably start its launch by the year 2023. Adding to this, this mission will also be launched in ISRO’s Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle like the previous one named as ‘Chandrayaan-2’.

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