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This has been evidenced in a live-streamed discussion with the industry leaders. The representatives from the private companies as well as the government alike have discussed this matter at International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Washington, beginning with popular policy discussion of the day, which is returning the space explorers to the moon.

This panel was formed this summer after the Apollo 11 50th anniversary celebration of the first moon landing the NASA explorers, which does include the first woman to moon’s surface by the year 2024. European Space Agency, has been considering joining this push, deliberated its ‘moon village’. This is an idea of the last few months that would be able to allow private, government as well as other entities to be able to work together on the lunar surface for the goals that range from mining to the space tourism. Johann-Dietrich Worner, the director, went on and clarified, but, ESA has no plans to go to the moon to stay, NASA went on to clarify.

During this deliberation, Worner went on to say that he was against the colonization of the moon as well as colonization of Mars. So, why is he against all these? This is because colonization would mean that you are moving away from people from Earth, for the rest of their lives or maybe even for the generations, on Mars and Moon. According to him, he is unsure whether it is safe to be able to explore. He said this adding that he was against the idea of traveling to another planet simply because the planet is becoming permanently, altered by climate change.

John, Ellen Stofan as well as Adrienne Mars director of Smithsonian Institution’s National Air as well as Space Museum, went on to agree with the concept, while noting that making use of the word ‘Colonization’, is fraught. It does have connotations concerning how the native Americans, as well as other indigenous people, got to be negatively treated after the European settlers arrived in North America.

The Lines between public government agencies as well as private companies are still being figured out amid the policy discussions. This was said by George Nield, the president of Commercial Space Technologies LLC as well as former associate administrator for the commercial spaceflight at Federal Aviation Administration.  

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