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Assessment of the Smart Hospitality Market

TMRR, in its recently published market research study, provides an out-an-out analysis of the current and future prospects of the Smart Hospitality market over the forthcoming decade. The study thoroughly analyzes all-round prospects of the Smart Hospitality market in various regional markets. In addition, the report examines the political and economic scenarios in different regions and their impact on the overall dynamics of the Smart Hospitality market.

The study reveals that the Smart Hospitality market is expected to reach a value of ~US$XX in 2019 and grow at a CAGR of ~XX% between 2019 and 2029. Furthermore, the study provides a thorough analysis of the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the Smart Hospitality market across various geographies.

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Critical information that can be drawn from the Smart Hospitality market report:

  • Evaluation of the key success factors that are expected to propel the growth of the Smart Hospitality market
  • Recent technological advances and innovations relevant to the Smart Hospitality market
  • The growth potential of emerging market players in various regions
  • Current and upcoming trends expected to influence the growth of the Smart Hospitality market
  • Import-export and supply-demand ratio analysis of the Smart Hospitality

The report addresses the following queries pertaining to the Smart Hospitality market:

  1. What are the different organic and inorganic growth strategies adopted by players in the Smart Hospitality market?
  2. Which region is expected to dominate the Smart Hospitality market in terms of share in the forecast period?
  3. How are market players reducing their environmental footprint?
  4. What are the latest innovations in the Smart Hospitality market?
  5. What is the estimated value of the Smart Hospitality market in 2019?

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Smart Hospitality Market Segmentation

The report bifurcates the Smart Hospitality market to offer a microscopic view of the various aspects of the market. The Smart Hospitality market is segmented on the basis of region, product type, end-user, and more.

companies in limelight have been analyzed on market shares, products, and key strategies. 

Global Smart Hospitality Market: Trends in Focus 

The global smart hospitality market is likely to witness tremendous growth during the respective forecast period. The facets driving the growth of the market include rise in the demand for software and services related to smart hospitality and mounting requirement for real-time optimized guest experience management system. The market is also likely to experience profitability from the low operating costs and captivating revenue generation and rising us of Internet of Things and different energy management systems.

The segment of managed services is anticipated to grow a strong CAGR over the forecast period. Managed services provision the application of smart hospitality solutions through hotels and resorts. The guest service management system segment is likely to expand at a strong CAGR owing to the progress in digitization worldwide. Smart solutions help the administrator in controlling the guest room by automating the curtains, lights, temperature, and various other indoor machineries while monitoring the safety and security of the infrastructure and handling the outdoor components such as water management, parking premises, inventory, waste management, and network infrastructure. 

Business hotels are expected to witness substantial growth in the next couple of years. Business hotels chiefly attend to business travelers; nevertheless, individual tourists, numerous tour groups, and small conference crowds consider these hotels striking. Business hotels deliver their guests with united communication competences that allow the guests to conduct conferences, meetings, and connect with associates across the globe. Additionally, these hotels position various building automation systems and mobile device-enabled technologies in order to provide an enthralling experience to the visitors. 

Global Smart Hospitality Market: Regional Outlook 

Region-wise, Europe is likely to gain from the advancements in technology, growing internet infrastructure, and the wide adoption of new and advanced technologies. However, owing to the 2017 elections of the U.S., the industry might witness fluctuations in the coming years. 

Global Smart Hospitality Market: Companies Active in the Market 

A few of the leading participants in the smart hospitality market are Infor, Inc. (New York, U.S.), Johnson Controls (Wisconsin, U.S.), Huawei Technologies (Shenzhen, China), Winhotel Solutions (Balearic Islands, Spain), Oracle Corporation (California, U.S.), Cisco Systems, Inc. (San Jose, U.S.), IBM Corporation (New York, U.S.), and Siemens AG (Munich, Germany).

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