Fermentation Ingredients Market
Fermentation Ingredients Market
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Fermentation is a natural metabolic process of controlling yeast, bacteria, and mould to modify food, and produce the required product. It is a process through which, the bacteria convert carbohydrate (such as sugar or starch) into an acid or alcohol; for example, yeast performs fermentation to gain energy by transforming sugar into alcohol. Beer, yogurt, wine, and other food products, such as dosa, cheese, beer, bread, miso, olives, yoghurt, idli and others are produced through the process of fermentation. Fermentation ingredients are required for the process of fermentation of food products.

North America represents the most significant and largest market for the fermentation ingredients. The upsurge of the North America fermentation ingredients market is primarily driven by high growth of the pharmaceutical industry, mainly in the U.S. Some of the major factors driving the fermentation ingredients market, are increasing environmental concerns, and striving for the eco-friendly production system. The advantage of convenient and easy production of bioactive biomolecules, which has various industrial applications in the food and beverage industry, is another factor driving the market.

Moreover, the increasing demand for alcohol is one of the major growth drivers for the fermentation ingredients market. Fermentation chemicals or substances, especially alcohols are widely used for various applications in the food & beverage industry, in form of liquors, spirits, and cooking wines. Fermented liquors and alcohols are an essential part of various production processes in the chemical industry, which has led to the increased demand for fermentation ingredients.

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RFI Ingredients Inc. offers a product line of fermented ingredients through a process called FermaPro. Cargill Incorporated, Lonza Group Ltd., GNOSIS S.P.A, Dyadic International Inc., Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Manufacturing, are some of the competitors in the global fermentation ingredients market.

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