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Being an experienced Microsoft Infrastructure professional implies not only a solid comprehension of Windows Server but also all its related features. And if you’re preparing for a specific Microsoft exam, particularly for 70-744, then knowledge is definitely not enough to keep you going. You need thus to be equipped with skills that you can apply to your exam and all your real-world endeavours. 

The point is that the potent Microsoft Corporation has developed a new series of valid credentials to assist well-practiced specialists in their profitable validation. With this aim, its certification programs are developed to back you up in all the learning undertakings and career stints. 

Read on the article and find out how you can take on your Microsoft 70-744 exam and obtain the corresponding MCSE: Core Infrastructure credential. 

Continuous Migration to New Program

Bearing in mind the need for its certification program compliance with the market challenges, Microsoft has designed advanced role-based credentials’ levels adapted to the actual tech needs. So, many previous technology-centered badges are being gradually retired and replaced by the upgraded ones, the focus of which has been made on the skills. While inside the former certification track are MTA, MCSA, MCSD, and MCSE badges and they mostly have checked your knowledge.

But of course, even with these new program advancements, some previous certifications are still considered as valuable. And these include the MCSE: Core Infrastructure credential, which is the end result of passing your Microsoft 70-744 exam. 

Important Microsoft 70-744 TestDetails

To clear it up, 70-744 exam isn’t the only one to attempt MCSE: Core Infrastructure. On the contrary, candidates are free to choose between five assessments to be awarded this solid badge that are, besides the indicated one, 70-745, 70-413, 70-414, and 70-537 tests.

In its learning track, the test deciphered as Securing Windows Server 2016 acknowledges applicants’ knowledge of the indicated topics: implementation of server protection and encryption (25-30%), management of privileged identities (25-30%), security of virtualization infrastructure (5-10%), security of network infrastructure (10-15%), application of threat detection features (15-20%), and operation of workload infrastructure and security (5-10%). Since each holds a certain percent in the total exam content, you should take note that the higher the rate is, the higher the possibility ofrunning into these items in the test. 

The price of the assessment is $165, though depending on the country of the test proctored. The exam is available in different languages, which include English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, French, German, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

Thus, you are proposed to keep reading the post, discover advanced possibilities to pass your Microsoft 70-744 exam and gain the perspective of securing Windows Server 2016. 

Top Training Resources to Pass Microsoft 70-744 Exam with Microsoft

This innovations-driving corporation has various and detailed training programs to help candidates pass 70-744 test easily and without much stress. The vendor offers you thus four training options, namely tutor-led training, the Exam Reference for 70-744 publication, online learning enriched with official practice tests. 

Tutor-Led Training

If you want to concentrate on the exam only and your schedule allows it, Microsoft specialists have developed an instructor-led course. It hasthe code of 20744C: Securing Windows Server 2016, and will help you familiarize with security infrastructure and solutions through an in-depth analysis of network breaches and administrative credentials. You can attend this preparation session for five days in the classroom and receive information directly from the tutor to clarify your doubts. Otherwise, choose to get taught online with a partner, and also, be ready for the course 3 months-availability.

There are still preliminary conditions that candidates need to comply with before being allowed to take this training. These include prior IT experience in networking fundamentals, AD DS, Hyper-V virtualization, and server security principles. Also, you should have completed the following courses: 740, 741, and 742, or the analogue. 

Free Online Course

Further, you are welcome to enjoy the free online preparation on the EDX learning platform to enrich knowledge in IT security. This is no other than Windows Server 2016 Security Features, which is a 5-weeks course that will take you to deeper depths of the security dimensions needed in a Windows Server 2016 environment. With the help of this self-paced course possible to be utilized 2 to 4 hours per week, you will pick up essential insights on how to safeguard the system from malicious attacks and further enhance the security of virtual machines, data, and apps. 

Last but not least, this free-of-charge online training is held by three Microsoft experts – Philip E.Helsel, Kimberly Rasmusson-Anderson, and its author Orin Thomas, a top-end expert on Windows Server. All these three instructors will certainly shower you with extensive knowledge of the exam. Training Platform

Finally, there are other alternatives that you can try on, apart from Microsoft resources. Here, is one of the most trustworthy learning websites, where you can download some free 70-744 exam dumps. If you want, they also have premium files for a decent fee. Practice tests are not to be forgotten as a great option to boost your comprehension of security solutions and functions. 

This website will present you with a collection of tested answers loaded by the previous exam takers. Consequently, they will help you evaluate whether you’ve learned enough, or still need to study more. Once you have finalized these practice tests, you can discover own flaws and focus on the weak areas.

So, you are highly advised to take advantage of their 70-744 Premium Bundle for just $24.99. It contains verified practice questions and absolutely correct answers that are regularly renewed, in addition to a training exam course and a 599-pages study guide! This is not to mention its qualitative ETE Software that promotes candidates’ broad understanding of the whole test content by letting them plunge into the real test situation.

To Clarify

So, passing the Microsoft 70-744 exam is the perfect way to achieve the highly specialized Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Core Infrastructure certification. This credential will enable you to explore and comprehend various security features and functionalities inside a Windows Server 2016 setting. 

With this aim, use all the provided Microsoft training solutions to help you identify the exam’s pitfalls and pass the test easily. And of course, don’t forget’s practice tests to help you become a respected security professional and grow the chances of expanding own IT career!

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