Like all the odd-numbered years, all that is able to fly had an appointment at le Bourget. While the public delighted evolutions in the flight of the aircraft, behind the scenes, 2400 exhibitors were a cru 2017 rather honourable with $ 150 billion reaped, a figure up 15 % compared to 2015, 74.8 billion for Boeing and 39.7 billion for Airbus.

Despite the rise in oil around $ 50 a barrel, the airlines retain the smile and their margins. This return to better fortune of air transport makes it less urgent for the renewal of fleets of aircraft, which consume less.

But both remain resolutely optimistic. First, because the world has need more than ever devices : the american table, on 41 000 copies to be delivered by 2036. To be a manna from 6100 billion dollars ! Even the prospect of turbulence on the side of the ‘Carriers’ giants of the Persian Gulf does not detract from their morale.

Risks of overheating, lessened

As for engine manufacturers and aerospace oems, the deceleration of the rhythm rhymes with dissipation of the risks of overheating, or break in the flow of deliveries for their reactors, landing gear, radar and other organs. The trials and tribulations of Zodiac Aerospace illustrate the stress of suppliers : implementation issues at the point of its last seat, and on some of the slides for evacuation, preceded difficulties in repetition to adjust production lines. To arrive, in the end of the chain to delivery delays in the assemblers, forced to pay late penalties to the companies.

which will force Saffron to reduce 15 per cent of its issuer bid. The transaction, which will form the second general contractor, global industry, engrangera very strong synergies. For the benefit of shareholders of both companies.

As those of Thales, Latécoère, Cobham, Rolls-Royce, Leonardo, Smith or General Electric (associated with Saffron to accelerate from 2020 to 2000 units per year the deliveries of the engine best-selling LEAP), they benefit more from the flight plan without clouds.

For two reasons. First of all, because as in the automotive industry, the margins of the oems and suppliers are higher than those of the manufacturers. Then, the emergence of aircraft manufacturers chinese or russians, to reduce their dependence on the duopoly Airbus / Boeing. Thus, the C-919 chinese is powered by Saffron, whereas Zodiac moves in its slides, the oxygen for the passengers, the seats of the cockpit, while Michelin the rides with his tires and Thales provides the passenger with block entertainment, etc

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What about military aviation ? It takes in altitude in its turn, since the Europeans are ‘encouraged’ by Donald Trump to take their defense-in-hand. Beyond these considerations, the sector is preparing for very large maneuvers punctuated by the replacement of the Tornado aircraft. That earlier account to make up for all or part of the lost ground in favour of AgustaWestland, and others on the helicopter market. His last-born, the H160, intends to impose in the military… and among civilians, including groups oil phase of reinvestment.


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