Security Token are without a doubt one of the hottest Blockchain issues in the year 2018. Nevertheless, there are some challenges, if you look at the secondary market trading on the regulated Token.

Why is the Security Token so popular

The comparison of a security with a Security Token. Finally, you can abgebilden so that financial products, for which numerous analogies from the capital market.
In this context, can enforce the Security Token in the long term by improving the efficiency of emission, a potentially better liquidity and the cross-cutting data management based on a Distributed Ledger.

secondary market trading of the Security Token

Although the Security Token to favor higher liquidity (they are theoretically make transactions on the Ethereum-a Blockchain-transferable), and thus the Settlement of the values, especially in the international Transfer much more efficient, there is currently on stock exchanges.

There seems to be no stock market, which lists existing Security Token. Even at events where companies with Security Token Listings present, you put off with Demands, often with a “We are working on it”. Everyone seems to talk about Security Token, in the least, however, have already solutions.

Who lists the Security Token?

nevertheless, many exchanges currently make up solutions, which regulated Token is tradable. Like BTC-ECHO reported a week ago, want lists Coinbase. So there is already a public and fixed expressions of the major stock exchanges, the time to devote to this challenge.

In addition, tzero operates as a decentralized stock exchange of the Listing of a Security Token, as well as the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), according to a press release, already in the second half of 2018, such a trade should be possible. Whether that is actually in the near future, remains to be seen.

when can we expect a Security Token to trade?

As can be seen, therefore, trading opportunities do not currently exist, however, many desire actively, to make this possible. In addition to the GSX also many other stock exchanges or providers to speak by the end of 2018 as the start of trading. Realistic is therefore to be expected that between Q4 of 2018 and Q1 2019, the first trade is possible. However, until a high level of liquidity is achieved, you have to wait probably until at least mid-2019, and possibly even by the end of next year.


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