Montreal, it is the creative energy in a friendly atmosphere and that is exactly what that was enjoyed by Scien and Klor, the duo of graffiti artists that was formed in 1992, in France. Lightning strike during a visit to friends installed in Montreal, and immigration procedures in the wake of the return in France. Eleven years later, their love for Montreal is as strong as the first day.

Their landing was smooth. “Here, everything goes fast. We found an apartment in a week and opened our company in a day. The challenge was at the time of leaving France with all the steps to be taken for taxes, etc .. that when we arrived here,” remembers Klor.

Followers of the “zen” of Quebecers

Professionally, the integration was not long-not more. “Three quarters of our clients were already in North America and we belonged to the international community of graffiti writers. So we had already some contacts in our community here and we also knew,” says Scien. Today, 1, 2, 3, Klan accepts her talents through a design studio with the tools of branding (logos, mascots, etc), in a style that is clean, “combining graffiti and graphic design”. Brand : French arrogance. Their project “coup de coeur”: the design of the mascot of Concordia University. The couple has also created a clothing brand, sportswear, Bandit1$m, But he has not forgotten his first love, the graffiti – and he continues to exhibit his art in the world.

The dynamism of urban culture in Montreal was able to end of charm : the Festival Wall in June, Under Pressure in August, etc “It is the party in the middle of the street and everything goes well,” says Scien. The couple was charmed by the friendly atmosphere that reigns in Montreal. “Here, it has often been the smile of a stranger. This is similar to the human relations of a village, at the scale of a large city. It feels safe,” says Scien. Klor particularly enjoy the reunion with friends around a barbecue in the parks in the summer.

One word : out !

To quebec fashion, the summer, the family is outside ! After the winter months, it is full of sun. Between sessions at the pool at the output of the work, the barbecues in the parks and festivals, “it never moves to Montreal in the summer : we thoroughly enjoyed !”, lance Klor. In fact, they take advantage of all the seasons, and, even if the winter is harsh, Scien, Klor and their children are outside : skiing, sledging, snow tubing, walks in the forest at the time of the beautiful colors of autumn, etc “in The winter, if you don’t go out, it doesn’t work,” said Klor.

The children went to public school in quebec. “We didn’t want to be ghettoïser coming here,” explain the parents. They have discovered a pedagogy different from the habits of the French, which they liked. “At the primary school, the teaching is more focused on the development of oneself as a quantity of knowledge to learn and each child can go at his own pace. If you develop your curiosity, it brings you to learn. I love the approach,” says the mom.

living on the Plateau as a lot of French, Scien and Klor acknowledge that they have kept their taste for the French cuisine and especially love the Mont-Royal avenue, along which the small independent stores are participating to the charm of the area, resembling the streets alive French.

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The couple, both artists were fully integrated into the Quebec is still attached to some symbols in French which they could not happen. “As soon as I have Pépito, the Little Prince and Danette, all is well,” lance says, laughing Klor. That, fortunately, found all of this in a small shop on avenue du Mont-Royal !


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