The number of job seekers is a slight increase of 0.4% in the third quarter of 2018. Taking into account the persons registered in the categories required to search for employment, (A, B, and C),

The number of job seekers, with or without activity, has also increased by 0.4% (+22.300) to 5,963 million. In the second quarter, these two figures had already increased by 0.2%. About a year ago, the number of unemployed (category A) remains 1% lower, but the number of job-seekers (A, B, and C) enrolled in Pole employment increased by 0.7%

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The number of job seekers in category A, that is to say, without any activity, there are 16 400 more people on a quarter, 3 718 500 people, which represents an increase of 0.4%.

The long-term unemployment strongly increases

In metropolis, the increase applies to all age categories. The most strong touch of the unemployed aged 50 and over (+0.6% over the quarter and +0.2% year on year). In less than 25 years, the increase is 0.3% but the trend over a year is downward (-1%).

As in the previous quarter, the long-term unemployment was more strongly increased, including applicants for employment who have exercised an activity, 2,811 million were enrolled for over a year. A figure that is up 1.1% over the quarter and 6.4% year on year.

the Decrease in unemployment in four regions

Among the job seekers who worked, those who pursued the activity of short (class B less than 78 hours per month) are net increase of 2.1% (+2.7% over one year), while those in the lengthy activity (category C) decreased by 0.8% (+4.1 per cent year on year).

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If the average number of entries in Pole employment fell in the categories A, B, C of 0.7%, the number of outputs of the lists of the public operator has even more sharply (down 2.5%).

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In france, the number of unemployed has decreased in four regions and increased in the other nine (from-1.6% in Corsica and +1.8% in Centre-Val-de-Loire). Overseas, the figures vary between 0.7% in Martinique and +1.9% in Guyana.


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