The bitcoin would be launching its fall ? In this month of October, the trading volume of the first cryptomonnaie fell to its lowest level in a year, says the study Diar, specializing in this field. On Monday evening, the firm announced that the amounts exchanged have reached their lowest value in dollars, as well as in “bitcoins”. To deliver its findings, it is based on figures provided by Nomics, a company specializing in the provision of data related to cryptomonnaies.

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According to the figures of Diar, the exchanges of the bitcoins accounted for $ 27.2 billion this month, compared with 34 billion for October 2017 and the last days of trading should not reverse the trend. In December 2017, when the price of bitcoin had temporarily exceeded 19 500 dollars, according to data compiled by Bloomberg, the equivalent of 278,1 billion dollars had been exchanged.

On the volume in bitcoins, the decline is even more prominent with a number of cryptodevises exchanged which rose from 6.5 million in October 2017 to 4.2 million in October 2018, a drop of 38 %. In January, a peak of 19.6 million bitcoins exchanged had been reached.

A difficult recovery after the bursting of the financial bubble

“Despite an increase in the activity of large reputable banks and investment companies […], the cryptomonnaies have failed to arouse a new interest,” say the analysts of Diar.

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Despite the strong enthusiasm he has generated in 2017, the bitcoin remains the subject of much debate, due in particular to its lack of traceability. The currency is also criticized because it varies a lot. It is not based in effect on the confidence of its users. Since several weeks, its value evolves around 6 $ 400 unit, and struggling to find a second breath since the bursting of the bubble in the beginning of the year.

This summer, the bitcoin has faced setbacks with respect to its application to leverage some financial products called index funds. For the moment, the gendarme u.s. stock exchange, the Securities and Exchange Commission has not opposed that refusal. A new notice should be made soon.

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According to the supporters of bitcoin, such an initiative would be likely to boost demand in cryptomonnaie.


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