Pope Francis has visited on his trip to Africa on Friday, a facility for Aids patients in the Mozambican capital, Maputo. The Dream center of the Christian lay community of Sant’egidio in Zimpeto offers the people in one of the poorest and most populous quarters of the city medical consultancy and supply. In addition to HIV infection and related diseases, women with breast or cervical cancer, tuberculosis patients and malnourished patients, including children, are treated. Dream is an acronym that stands for “Disease-Relief through Excellent and Advanced Means” (a disease-fighting by excellent and advanced appropriations).

the Pope feels to good Samaritan

The Pope reminds praised the compassion of the employees of the institution, the “have heard those silent cry that goes out almost inaudible so many people crowded in the disgrace, to the edge, and all sentenced to life”.

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said, in view of the competence, professionalism and love, the would the Sick there, and feel it to the biblical parable of the good Samaritan reminds Pope Francis during a talk in the health center. “All that come through here, all who arrive desperate and anxious, the same to the man who is exposed to the edge of the road. And you’re not here not gone, you’re gone as others.” The with international donor-funded Dream-centre show that there were people who would stop and pity felt, and not to the temptation succumbed to, to say, “there is nothing to do”, but with courage, looking for solutions.


Pope Francis embraces in the Dream-the centre of Sant’Egidio, an old woman

©Tino Veneziano / Sant’Egidio

the Pope was Received among others by the coordinator of the centre, Cacilda Massango. She was happy about the visit of the Church head to a place where “you get free medical, welfare, food, but Would especially and friendship,” said Massango. “Here in Zimpeto many of the sick women as soon as they are come again to forces, in the service of other patients and accompany them in their care.” The first Dream-have been patients and I have decided to return what it had received, reported Massango. “I was convicted of a suffering young woman, marginalized and all. With Dream, I got to know a new family that has given me in addition to caring also Dignity and a better future for my children.”

cyclone “Idai”

example lot of suffering in Mozambique: Please help!

By Uli Hauser

During the 40-minute encounter depicted employees of the health center Francis, your work and your experiences. “Get in, continue to those who come to you,” answered the Pope. Also, “if we leave, when you return to your everyday tasks, if no one applauds or praises”.

At the end of his visit, Pope Francis received as a gift a Bishop’s staff in the Form of a cross, made from the metal sheet and the straw from the cyclone “Idai” destroyed houses. “Idai” and its successor “Kenneth” had been destroyed in March and April, large parts in the North and in the centre of Mozambique. More than 600 people died, hundreds of thousands of residents are still affected by the consequences.

Sant’Egidio also takes care of the victims of the hurricanes that have hit the Poorest in the country particularly hard. The organization was able to provide more than 100,000 people with food packets and rebuilding of homes to Finance. The star supports the lay community in their work and was able to provide thanks to donations from star readers already 35,000 euros in Sant’Egidio. Please donate for the people suffering. You help so others can help! Thank you!

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