The bear market seems to be investors, not deter. In the Background, a new base is forming just to the long-term-oriented investors, the Advisors, such as New Wave Capital, use of so-called Robo. This could draw the wild crypto-markets in a more systematic tracks.

Stagnant courses also have their Good. Away from the Hype, it is worth to take a look from time to time out of the box and to focus on positive developments in the Background. The bear market seems to be hardly any negative impact on the rise of crypto-Robo-Advisors such as New Wave Capital.

Because, as New-Wave Capital CEO Eric Campbell said, the company, despite the bear market, even with an increase to investors. It was probably to long-term investments:

“The variety of customers who sign up during a downturn, have a more long-term investment approach.”

The robots are coming

Robo-Advisors are, in short, virtual system wizard. You can create, depending on the Customers ‘ preferences, individually tailored investment portfolio and manage these independently. Therefore, investors need to spend neither much time nor expertise to bring. This lowers barriers to market entry and attract investors.

origin of Robo-Advisors like Bitcoin in the financial crisis of 2008. In the turmoil of the stock market crash, many investors met emotional investment decisions, which aggravated their Situation. Robo-Advisors keep even in times of crisis, “a cool head” and thus foster a long-term investment strategies.

Robo-Advisors in the crypto-Ecosystem

This also applies to the crypto market. The Boom of 2017 may have attracted a variety of new investors; the Crash from the first quarter of this year suggests that it has traded mostly to inexperienced investors.

This is also Co-Founder of New Wave Capital, Albert Cheng:

“a Lot of people thought the price would go up forever. And as the price was dropped, not after thought. Because they let it [their positions] just to quickly fall.“

The rates are going up again sometime. In this respect, the sales could turn out to be in retrospect as a mistake. Robo-Advisors may, at this point, more calm in the markets, because panic sales are more likely to be a long-term investment strategy.

Who would like to learn more about the role of Robo-Advisors in the crypto-Ecosystem, click here.


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