This is a schizophrenia of our home: one day, the French lament of disasters, including in France, by the global warming; the next day, they signed four-hand petitions calling for an end to the rise in the price of gasoline. Environment from car, city against countryside, bobos parisiens against territories… the price at the pump crystallizes all passions that run through the society and the political world. Béatrice Mathieu wondered why. We asked him the same question.

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France is schizophrenic, or split in two, it depends on your point of view : affected by a heat wave and rains, catastrophic, alarmed by another report, which is very alarming for the world’s leading experts in climate, the French cry out of global warming and its consequences ; but these are the same French who gripe because to attempt in all modesty to remedy it, Paris closes his tract on shore or the government will attack the privileges of the diesel and pushes the price of gasoline to the top. Ca pétitionne, it facekook, it threatens, it makes wag the opposition : to attack the fortress car, in our country, it takes consistency. Béatrice Mathieu has investigated the reasons for the growling and attempted to answer this question : the tax green is it too hard ?

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The price of gasoline shoots up, the French clink glasses to The sacred destiny of Gérard Lhéritier How to reconcile the teachers and the parents of pupils There-t-he accelerating from a rise in which is known that it started well before the election of Emmanuel Macron ?An exogenous factor : the increase in the price of a barrel. It is a reality against which the government cannot large-thing, if not… lower taxes.We have the figures on it : the percentages of the increase of people affected, impact on the purchasing power ?Government of cities and of the rich against the France of the countryside and of the poor : these are French-there that key in the particular taxation green ?There are two objectives to this tax policy, the one displayed and the other less respectable. The first is to change the behaviour of the French, to encourage them to change the car, or even to dispense with it. The second is to return the money in the coffers of the State. Which award today ? Among the arguments of the opponents of the tax on the price of fossil fuels, there is this : the money collected would not go to the fight for the environment. Is this true ?The increase in the price of the taxes on fuel does this have an effect on the behaviour of motorists ? Roll-less, change their car ?It is not an environmental policy against the French, some say. It is necessary to make efforts if it wants this policy to be effective, say others. Who is right ?Anger is rising : of the petitions, a rally planned for 17 November, an opposition feeling revived… If the movement is gaining momentum, the government, which has other cats to whip, can he hold it ?


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