The swimmer Roxana Maracineanu has been appointed minister of Sports on Tuesday after the abrupt resignation of Laura Flessel, announced the Elysée in a statement.

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Born in 1975 in Bucharest, Romania, Roxana Maracineanu is arrived in France at the age of 8 years old, in 1984, after his parents fled the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu. Installed in Mulhouse, france with his family, which was granted the status of refugees, she joined the team of France swimming in 1993, and became the first French to win the world championship in swimming on 200 metres back in 1998. She won the silver at the Sydney Games in 2000.

The sport puts an end to his career in 2004, after which she joined a large business school in paris, where she graduated with a bac+5. She then became a consultant for France Television, L’equipe TV, or Europe 1 in various sports competitions, like the olympic Games of Beijing in 2008. In 2015, she had been a candidate to the post of national technical director of the French swimming Federation, finally attributed to Jacques Favre.

Training to swim

His first involvement in politics dates back to 2010, a year where she was elected regional councillor of Île-de-France on a list related to socialist Party. After the end of her swimming career, she had also created two associations are intended, in particular, to the accompaniment of children, Educateam and “I can’t, I have a pool”.

In line with these commitments, the ancient sport was responsible for the last two months of the government’s program for training to swimming in the schools, while the number of deaths is rising for 2015.

The government wants to “mobilise all the actors concerned to better understand the origins of this trend and develop a new plan for the fight against drowning”.

Mr Philippe had asked Ms. Maracineanu, to accompany this mission, she who had pleaded at the beginning of July in Paris for initiation to swim further, regretting the current methods.

Ambassador of the olympic games of 2024

The arrival of Roxana Maracineanu is widely welcomed by Denis Auguin, a former coach Alain Bernard is now in charge of the coordination of the teams of France of swimming. Contacted by the Express, he assures that he is a “good ambassador for Paris 2024”. “She knows very well the olympic Games, she has a knowledge of the field. After that, his goal is already to reverse the decline in the allocations of ministry of sports (According to The Team, the budget of the Sports of 2019 would decline from 6.2% in 2018). It would be nice”.

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Roxana Maracineanu is “someone who has a political profile,” adds Denis Auguin. “She has beliefs that are very strong on the learning of swimming. She let vision general public more than a project focusing on the high-level sport. It is important in a Sports ministry […] Humanly, it showed as the sporting qualities of courage and commitment. Stubborn, she doesn’t let”.


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