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France wants to take the racism of speed. For the past few years, the influx of foreign labour – 1 400 000 workers, of which 600,000 Algerians – were concerned about the Elysée. The problem of immigration could soon resemble the one that knows London and require solutions almost necessarily racial, unpopular or racist. The agreement signed in Algiers on Saturday, October 26, limit the arrival of algerian workers and regulates their situation, which is exceptional since the agreements of Evian. For the next three years, 35 000 of them will only be able to, each year, coming to work in France.

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in Paris, the figure seemed to still be excessive. And it is true that, since 1964, the number of immigrants algerians had been theoretically reduced to 12 000. But the real figure was much higher. Many “tourists” uncontrollable – about 100 000 per year – came to pass in France their “vacation” to work, making a living, we believe, an Algerian on five.

In exchange for the new quota-controlled to 35 000, Algiers has admitted that it regulates the movement of its nationals by a title of residence which, alone, will allow them to find a job. It was time. The immigration policy of the early years of the Fifth Republic was “liberal” to the point that France had become the first “country home” in Europe : this hand-work allowed – it was said coyly – to create “a certain easing in the labour market and resist the social pressure”.


The slowing of the expansion, the slow progression of unemployment have caused the necessary revision of this policy. The borders exist again, to be impassable for certain occupations – the boy’s races at the metallo. Mr. Michel Massenet, director for migration at the ministry of social Affairs and negotiator of the Algiers agreement, explains : “In April, we have already requested the medical examination which is compulsory for the black Africans. Indeed, their immigration uncontrolled turned to the drama : they are a hundred times more susceptible to tuberculosis than the French Montreuil. The Algerians are – if one may say so – that’s ten times more. The deterioration of the job market are forced to new restrictions at the end of July. Now, in order to immigrate, a worker low-skilled will have to have in his pocket a contract of employment endorsed by our services.”

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The French market, over the past few years, was already less open. In 1965, 152 000 “foreigners” (without the Algerians) have immigrated. In 1967, 107 000. This year, you’d expect that 90 000. They hire always in the same occupations : 40% in buildings, 20% in metals and steel, 11% in domestic services, 10% agriculture, 5% in the coal mines. A two settles in the paris region.

The policy change in recent months, however, is brutal. Mr. Pierre Manghetti, which deals with the immigrant workers at the C. F. D. T., says : “It is the grave of an excess in the other. It is time to define an immigration policy that tries to integrate these people uprooted their new society.”

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May be incomplete, the new policy is in spite of everything modern. In advanced countries, the sting has to be one of high wages, productivity, and innovation. And not low wages in foreign labour over-exploited. Such a policy replaces the “exploitation” by a co-operation with the less developed countries. And the Tunisians did not send in France and a workforce that is selected, which is perfect. Later, industries that require a workforce that is important will be to establish or outsource certain operations in countries where there is unemployment. Already, on this principle, pants germans are cut in Tunisia.


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