It was the other face of Microsoft. Billionaire and philanthropist Paul Allen, the co-founder in 1975 with Bill Gates of the giant us computer died Monday of cancer at the age of 65 years. Paul Allen had announced in early October that this disease, treated for the first time in 2009, had recurred, but that doctors were “optimistic.” He also had survived another form of cancer, Hodgkin’s disease, diagnosed in 1982.

The reactions to his death have poured in, including that of his former partner and long-time Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, with whom he was nevertheless scrambled in leaving the group in the 1980s. Saluting one of his closest friends”, who “deserved more time”, Bill Gates has estimated that “the personal computer would never have existed without him,” according to a statement quoted by the american press.

Paul Allen was co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates in 1975, before slamming the door in 1983, angry with his ex-partner. He was accused later of trying to “rip them off” while he was thinking of his departure and that he was recovering from his first cancer.

Philantrophe and a fan of basketball

Lack of agreement on the repurchase price of its shares, and Paul Allen had kept his shares, which will make his fortune when he sells it to the year 2000. A fortune on Monday night to $ 20.3 billion by Forbes magazine. Steve Ballmer, another former Microsoft and ex-boss of the group, Paul Allen was accused also of having attempted the scam in the 1980s, described on Twitter “a great mentor”.

Three years after leaving Microsoft, Paul Allen founded Vulcan in order to manage its various activities, including culture, real estate, sports. He was owner of the american football team the Seattle Seahawks and the basketball Trail Blazers of Portland.

Like many billionaires, including Bill Gates, Paul Allen was a philanthropist, ardent, particularly in health care. He was also an avid reader of the conquest of space. He has founded Stratolaunch, which has built the aircraft, the largest in the world, currently being tested in the california desert (west) before a first test flight scheduled for 2019. He owned two yachts the giants spent on exploration and scientific research.

Homage to the world of sport

Despite a complicated history with the software giant, the boss of Microsoft Satya Nadella has praised the memory of its co-founder, “has created products, experiences and institutions of magic, and (…) has changed the world,” according to a press release.

The sports world has also paid tribute, including president of the national League of american football (NFL), Roger Goodell, who wrote in a press release that “his passion for the game, combined with his determination, quiet, have led to a model organization, both on and outside the field.” The NBA (basketball), Adam Silver has praised the “vision” and “generosity” of the disappeared.

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“He has worked tirelessly with our medical advisors to identify new ways to make the game more secure”, has welcomed Mr. Goodell. “We miss you. We thank you. We love you”, wrote on Twitter the team of the Trail Blazers.


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