You dream to specialize in artificial intelligence ? To develop a robot even more efficient than those that already exist ? To start, in the long term, a start-up in the animation ? The universities of the English-speaking Canada can help you ! If it is the artificial intelligence that attracts you, think about… the university of Alberta, who has traded the energy, with a specialty of origin (oil local forces), for another, the machine learning and artificial intelligence, thanks to the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii), located in Edmonton, the capital of the province.

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“I love the campus, all white in the winter !”, he exclaims and Nouha Dziri, a student at the university of Alberta since 2016. The young woman, who has completed his undergraduate in an engineering school in Tunisia, dreamed, since a brief stay in Vancouver to continue his studies in Canada. A Francophone, she thinks first in Quebec, but is a project that the enchants to the Amii. Specialized in artificial intelligence and, in particular, in research on language for robots wizard the client relationship, she appreciates not only the campus, its laboratories, its sports halls and studies, as is the ease to move around, the quality and availability of its professors, but also the opportunities of collaboration with large companies such as Google DeepMind, who recently moved to Edmonton. “This presence is the promise of recruitment to come for the students”, she says. To the point that the young Tunisian is now planning to stay on for a phd, as “the university of Alberta has become a reference in artificial intelligence”.

Among the 50 best in the world

If you want a floor on the factory of the future, to basic robots, 3D printing, data analytics and mass connectivity, the engineering school of the university of Waterloo, considered the MIT of Canada, is made for you ! Ranked among the top 50 in the world, Waterloo Engineering has, in addition, woven very close links with industrial partners, useful for moving from theory to practice.

Lionel Constantin, a young Swiss born in the canton of Valais, a fan of math and science, has started a bachelor’s degree in materials science at the Ecole polytechnique de Lausanne, and participated in the university exchange program offered by his school with Waterloo Engineering in the third year. He could have chosen other destinations, but it is Canada that has “always been interested”, he said. As he wished to study in English, since it is “the language used in most fields of engineering”. About Waterloo, “it is the university’s most innovative country ! Students from around the world come here !”, if enthusiasm the young man. Suffice to say that he enjoys the international atmosphere and the courses offered in different departments (nanotechnology, mechanical). Another advantage is that, in his eyes, the Co-op program, one of the peculiarities of Waterloo, which offers internships to students within partner companies such as Snapchat, Barclays, General Motors, Google, Morgan Stanley, Disney. The university is responsible to contact the companies and “it is enough to pass the interviews,” he says.

And this is not finished : “The university gives great importance to the students’ needs,” says Lionel Constantin. Beyond the superb premises and of the organized events, “we are often invited to respond to surveys regarding our well-being, or what the university could do more for us”, says he. Finally, the duties to make inspections and mid-quarter are that the exit examination counts for 50 % of the final grade – “pretty handy for those who stress during exams”, says Lionel. If he leaves again soon in Switzerland to continue his studies, a project is already beginning to germinate in his mind : “Why not go back to Canada for a phd or to work ?”, advance-t-it.

A system that is flexible and open

You are rather interested in the communication, the arts, in particular digital, digital design, animation and visual effects ? You will be spoilt for choice in British Columbia, called rightly “Hollywood North”. The university of British Columbia (UBC), Simon Fraser university (SFU), the university of Victoria (Uvic) and the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design of Vancouver, among others, offer training courses deemed.

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Michèle Bygodt has opted for Emily Carr. A student in a school of applied arts in Paris, it was his father, concerned to see that she seemed to prefer the escape to the studies, who advised him to explore the track and canadian Emily Carr in particular. The young woman has sent her portfolio and was accepted on the record. Based in Vancouver since 2016, she welcomed the flexibility of the canadian system : “It has been possible to change specialty in the course of the road,” she said. Michèle has started the “film and screen arts program”, and then evolved to the photo. And found his vocation. “One learns the same film here!” exclaimed she. His change of direction – “the last time” – there was no problem. “And unlike France, here you can touch everything,” she adds. In addition to the photo, she is tried in the animation and is currently exploring sculpture.

If Michèle also appreciate the way in which behave to the teachers, it is based on good grounding – a bit the hard way – in the Hexagon to succeed in British Columbia. And after his “bachelor of fine arts”, she is already thinking about the Master, “but not in stride,” she says. She wants to take advantage of the fact that his degree will allow him to receive a work permit from three years in Canada [editor’s NOTE : the equivalent of the years of his studies] to get started as a photographer. Or travel, or both… The desire to escape, always. After all, his mother, gabonese, and his father, expat for a company in Gabon, Holland, democratic Republic of the Congo and Togo, have given him the taste of other backgrounds. And English as the language of studies, as in Katanga, there was no high school French…

If British Columbia is full of programmes in the areas of arts and communication, Toronto is no exception. As well, Sheridan College, located in the suburbs of the economic capital of the country, is a reference in this field. It also has a “Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies” and has developed training courses in the Internet of things, augmented reality and virtual reality, marketing and advertising.

Preshka Loganadan came to Sheridan in January 2017 to study the marketing, the advertising and communications


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Preshka Loganadan, a Mauritian of 20 years, has chosen Sheridan on the advice of friends in mauritius that had been the experience of studies in Ontario. “They told me that it was the best university and the best choice”, souvientelle. And she is now convinced ! Arrival in January 2017 to study the marketing, advertising and communication – in “programs, in Sheridan, are very numerous and very varied”, she said – she just has to get his degree. And expects to get a job in the Toronto area. “While in Mauritius, it is necessary to cope alone, Sheridan helps its students to find a job,” she said. Another advantage… Now bilingual, it is besides once on site it was discovered that the French language was an asset, in particular in the search for a job. So she had chosen an English-speaking university to perfect his English… A good surprise !


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