Halloween or Cluedo, the candidates of the Best Pastry, M6, have not had to choose thanks to this program on the theme of “crimes of the cream”. After the elimination of Laurie in the past week, they were no more than six still in contention for the title.

The events of the evening “Crimes” in brief

The classic revisited by Cyril Lignac : the heart flowing. For the first time, candidates will work in a staggered, so that the jury can taste the pastry warm or hot.

The technical event of Mercotte : a skull phosphorescent.

The event creative : scenes of crimes.

Which is Maëlig Georgelin, the chief guest ?

Born in 1983 in Lorient, Maëlig Georgelin, is distinguished from his professional training being the valedictorian of his CAP pastry chef and chocolatier. He trained with michelin-starred chefs and Meilleurs Ouvriers de France before opening, in 2009, his shop in Etel with her sister, Émeline. The name of the establishment ? The little prince, translation of his first name in breton. Since then, he has opened boutiques in Baud, Auray and Carnac-Plage. Follower of the contest, the Breton accumulates awards, including the innovation award for the creation of desserts and sweets sugar-free and allergen-free. Maëlig Georgelin also organizes the competition of pastry-lover Auray. Her shop is marked by its origins, with the 1000-sheet Breizh, Plougastel, the Paris-Etel, candy Storm, the Oysters of the Ria or the Pavement of Saint-Goustan.

That is blue apron ?


Who is eliminated ?

Julien. The youngest candidate of all seasons combined, collapsed on the first two tests. His leg lacerated in the last part has not managed to save it. “I think you have a great human maturity and pastry”, lance Cyril Lignac. “You have marked the contest,” says Mercotte.

The worst of the quotes from the candidates

“in Pastries alone, it must be cool.” Marianela, who does not yet know that the test focuses on the heart flowing.

“Come what will sink.” Charles.

“I turn off my microwave with the foot, because on this trial, it should be in the hands and feet.” Charles.

“I’m talking low because I’m afraid of scaring my dough.” Charles, in full preparation of the skull.

“I think I’m going to tear out the belly. (…) There, they will remember it !” Olivier add to the excitement -as requested by Mercotte – in the compote of mango.

“I’m going to wake up Mercotte. It should not be that she falls into the grave.” Julien.

“I am at the edge of the epilepsy with all these colours.” Ludovic, in the full decoration of his skull.

“never cut a biscuit when it is hot. It is like a corpse in fact, they are cut when they are cold.” Charles.

“I’ve never seen the legs of Mercotte, so I’m going to imagine them to be shredded.” Julien, on the last test.

The opinion of the jury that kill

“It’s got to flow !” Cyril Lignac, throughout the first test.

“That, in my opinion, there’s not only the heart that will sink.” Cyril Lignac, hilarious, in front of the ingredients of the heart flowing Charles.

“This is acid, pwouuuuu !” The juror grimaced and was immediately recalled to the order by Mercotte : “Stop it, Cyril.”

Cyril Lignac day on the words : “(Cala)will or (cala)will not see.” Mercotte continues : “I hope that calavera’ll see.”

“I think you pâtisses better than you sing.” Julia Vignali likes of Charles, in which she comes to sing Petite Marie, Francis Cabrel.

“I’m going to have nightmares this night. I can come to sleep with you, Mercotte ? I sleep at the foot of the bed, I swear.” Cyril Lignac.

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