On January 20, 1983, speaking before German members of parliament, president François Mitterrand employs a formula-violent : “The rockets are in the East, the pacifists in the West !” At this time, the Soviets were setting up in central Europe of nuclear missiles SS-20’s aimed at western Europe. Nato responded by installing in the federal republic of Germany of the Pershing missiles directed toward the soviet bloc. The pacifist and leftist westerners are mobilizing against this project in the name of a slogan delicious : “Rather red than dead !” François Mitterrand returns western public opinion, and the Soviets dismantle their SS-20. Today we are living a similar situation. Artificial intelligences (AI) military erupt in China and Russia, while the ethicists of the AI are in the West !

many western intellectuals are calling for a moratorium on the military uses of AI. In Stockholm, in July 2018, over 2 400 delegates from 90 countries are committed to “not participate or support the development, manufacture, trade in or use of deadly weapons autonomous”. At Google, many engineers are opposed to what their company is working with the army. In summary, the petitions against the AI military has thousands of signatories in the West, zero in China ! In fact, the BATX (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Xiaomi) are very close to the chinese military. For example, Robin Li, CEO of Baidu, has played a crucial role in the “development plan for the next generation of AI”, which has important ramifications on the military. The chinese president has also announced that in 2017 that his country would become the first military power thanks to the AI. The Internet benevolent of 1995, which was supposed to kill nationalism, and war, has given birth to the AI, which will become the most powerful military tool that mankind has known.

The slogan “No to killer robots” is suicidal for the France

After the nuclear deterrence, the war is about to experience the greatest change in its history with the robotization of the battlefield and the emergence of the IA soldiers who exceed the human limitations. The robot soldiers self-require us to rethink the art of war. Russia, for example, wishes to withdraw the infantry from the area of confrontation and replace it with robotic unit self-sustaining thanks to the AI. Idealizing the world would be catastrophic : our impulses, our hormones, our violence are, unfortunately, still present. Disarm in the era of the AI would be the certainty of being colonized : we risk a “Munich of the AI military”. In the Face of imperialism, the chinese, the West must rearm psychologically, and Gafa should help Nato to equip it with AI military. At the time of launching this race to the”IA-rmement”, some want to ban the military robots, objectively horrible, but without which the war of the future will be lost in advance : even the most patriotic of our soldiers will flee in front of the robots.

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By 2040, which will accept to send his children to the casse-pipe in the face of the killer robots with AI ? Person ! The AI will make irrational commitment to human characters, doomed to certain defeat. As explained by Thierry Berthier, a specialist in IA military : “as to the creation, in 1958, a force of nuclear deterrence desired by de Gaulle and Pierre Mendès France, France should break its locks, ideological, and building combat units, robotic self-sustaining guarantee of its national sovereignty.” Otherwise, we will seek a Pétain 2.0 to organize our vassalisation by China. The benevolent motto “No to killer robots” is suicidal for France.


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