How to pay less tax on his savings?

The payments from profit-sharing, participation, and the possible contributions of the employer are exempt from income tax if they are placed on the company savings plans (PEE) and a savings plan for retirement (Perco). The gains accumulated by these investments will not suffer that the social contributions and not the PFU of 30%. You should take advantage of.

Jérôme Dedeyan, president of Eres Group


And for the retirement savings?

the postponement of The deduction at source of income tax will still be deducted, in the income tax return the next year, the contributions paid in 2017 on savings products for retirement, such as the popular retirement savings plan (Perp), the retirement Madelin or the retirement savings plan company (Pere), said, “article 83”. Taxpayers are the most taxed can even take advantage of the ceiling of deductibility, which has not been used the previous three years to make exceptional payments.

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The money is there available?

On the employee savings plans (PEE and Perco), yes, after the suspension period, or according to the cases of early release. Product retirement-deductible, one recovers its money once in retirement, annuity for life, with a waiver for the Perp to withdraw 20% of his capital for his retirement.


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