Apple is now very close to the threshold very symbolic of the 1000 billion of market capitalization on Tuesday night, ending the official session with a capitalization of 935,3 billion. The market capitalization is equal to the price of all of the cumulative actions of a single company, the value of which is determined by the stock market.

A threshold very symbolic

The reason ? The company has published on Tuesday quarterly results better than expected, this is particularly due to the release in 2017 of the iPhone 8 and especially the iPhone X, the price of which starts in the United States at almost $ 1,000. Sales of its smartphones, however, had proven, in volume, a little below expectations, but the multinational has largely offset these figures, due to higher selling prices.

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The price of the last iPhones have allowed the title to move forward of 4.03% at 197,95 dollars in electronic trading after the close of Wall Street to 00h05 GMT (Wednesday). It would be necessary that the title reaches 206,50 dollars to reach the symbolic threshold of 1,000 billion dollars of market value. Apple would then become the first private company to have taken this step. The company chinese State-owned PetroChina was briefly taken in 2007, during his introduction, but was quickly dropped.

60 billion turnover for the next quarter?

Apple plans a turnover of between 60 and 62 billion for the fourth quarter of 2018, while analysts predict on average 59.6 billion. In the third quarter, the total net profit has increased by over 30% to $ 11.5 billion. Reported by action, the reference in North America, the earnings were at 2.34 dollars, more than expected by the markets. In this quarter, the revenue was better than expected, 53,27 billion (+17%).

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Tim Cook has referred to his group as the “best third-quarter” in its history, helped by “strong iPhone sales, services” and “products” (other than iPhone, iPad and computers), namely, the headphones, the box Apple TV, the speaker is connected to HomePod, or even the watch AppleWatch. This segment has reported 3,74 billion dollars of sales turnover, an increase of 37%, whereas the services (iTunes Store, Apple Music, Apple Pay, etc.) have recorded an increase of 31%, to $ 9.6 billion.

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Apple does not tell you how much it sells phones to The Danish that shook the multinational Europe will happen when it is time to pay the Gafa?

The results of Apple have shown, however, how much the group depended on yet financially from the iPhone, which has still accounted for more than 56% of the total turnover of the group. Apple is expected to unveil the new-born baby of the range at the start of the year.


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