A ticket to space booked very advance. On Thursday, the company’s u.s. space SpaceX announced that it had signed with a first client, which it will unveil the identity in a few days, for a trip around the Moon aboard its next big rocket called BFR for “Big Falcon Rocket”. Still in development, it should not, however, fly before several years. A very rare event, since no manned mission is returned in the lunar orbit since Apollo 17, Nasa, in December 1972.

“SpaceX has signed with the first private customer of the world and travel around the Moon aboard the launch vehicle BFR –an important step for those who dream of going into space,” tweeted the company, specifying the identity of the passenger would be unveiled on Monday.

Two tourists lunar

in Early 2017, SpaceX announced that two passengers would be sent to the Moon as early as 2018 aboard its rocket, the Falcon Heavy, a trip that was ultimately never occurred. The firm of the freakish billionaire Elon Musk had pointed out at the time that the two tourists lunar had “paid a significant deposit” for this mission around the Moon. The first training of apprentices astronauts were supposed to start stream in 2017, after evaluation of their physical condition.

The BFR should measure 106 meters high and will be designed to have a surge of 10.8 million pounds, far more than the most powerful rocket ever built, the Saturn V (7.9 million pounds) which has sent astronauts on the Moon at the turn of the 1970s.

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The goal of SpaceX is to build a unique launcher and spacecraft in place of three flagship projects of the california firm: Falcon 9 propels the capsule Dragon to resupply the international space Station (ISS), the capsule itself and the Falcon Heavy.

A ticket to $ 250,000

SpaceX should theoretically send Nasa astronauts to the ISS from next year. Since the judgment of the american space shuttle, the occupants of the ISS are exclusively transported from the earth by spaceships Soyuz Russian-made.

other than SpaceX is banking on space tourism, as Virgin Galactic, which multiplies the trials of his craft piloted SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity, launched from a plane. The place costs $ 250,000.

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Jeff Bezos wants to steal the market of the space Before SpaceX, seven tourists have known the space SpaceX: the billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, 1 tourist lunar

And Blue Origin, founded by the boss of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, announced this summer that the tickets would be sold in 2019 for a place to board his rocket New Shepard, which will carry six people in space, more than 100 kilometres of altitude. These two vehicles will not go, however, not in orbit but will float passengers in weightlessness for several minutes.


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