This is the good news of the speech of Edouard Philippe in front of the National Assembly. The exemption from property tax for 80% of the persons liable for payment of this tax is returned at the end of the quinquennium. Yet it is necessary that the finances of the State are restored !

of Course, for the beneficiaries, it is a little soup to the face. The promise was too good. All taxpayers whose income tax reference does not exceed 20 000 euros per year (40 000 euros for a couple) were exempt. According to the calculations of power up!, a couple with two children would have been exempt from property tax as his income remained less than 5 000 euros per month.

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For the local authorities, the disappearance of an important source of revenues while the State continues to transfer new loads while decreasing its contributions to funding was not a perspective that is well exciting. To calm the concern of the elect, so it was expected that the State cover the shortfall, evaluated, we do not know how to 10 billion euros.

finances are in a bad state

But now, the State finances are in a pretty bad state. The reform is therefore postponed to a possible future bailout of the coffers of the Public Treasury. If it occurs within five years, the reform will be voted. And if 80 % of the voters taxpayers will be satisfied, the 20 % still taxed will have a concern for the balance of their budget.

The decline of the endowments of the State is, in effect, a constant tax policy over the past fifteen years. One can imagine that in the years that follow the implementation of this reform, the State will compensate the loss of revenue and will keep his promises. But past a certain time, and to the hitch on the budget, the finance ministry will resume its old habits. The endowments will decline. And this all the more easily that nothing guarantees the maintenance of the current majority in power.

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The property tax has jumped in France #BalanceTonMaire: the government returns the ball housing Tax rise: the government is the mayors Pick in the pocket of the taxpayer

That will local communities constricted by the charges ? As Tradition demands, they will go out and dig in the pocket of the taxpayer. As the latter will be reduced like skin of sorrow, it’s a safe bet that they will then be a crushing blow to tax. In effect, the reform Macron does not provide for any method of supervision or moderation of the rate increases voted by the local communities. Suffice to say that taxpayers will have only their eyes to cry and will change the housing to go down range and find a much less heavily taxed. Unless this reform of the housing tax is not postponed to the Greek calends !


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