at once, two pieces of information cast doubt on the security of phone calls. At the end of a article on Alexander Benalla, The World wrote that, while police officers questioned the former head of the mission of the Elysée palace, they found on his phone that ‘ of the SMS disappeared as. The date appearing on the phone has even changed, it was noted in 1970″. Although we do not know for the moment if the remote wipe of the data came from the top of the State.

Almost at the same time, the New York Times reveals that China and maybe Russia have been able to put Donald Trump on listening, because the american president refuses to give up his iPhone for his personal conversations (it denies strongly). These two cases raise questions about the safety of the use of mobile phones and our data. Use a simple smartphone to expose it to all the hacks ? Answers little reassuring to Monir Morouche, co-founder of Suricate concept, a group of companies specialised in cyber security.

The EXPRESS : Are you surprised to read that we can delete SMS messages on a phone remotely ?

Monir Morouche. Absolutely not. It is relatively easy to hack a smartphone not protected. In the case of a deletion of remote SMS, there are several possibilities. The simplest is to have the credentials of the user on sound cloud. So, with Android or iOS it is possible to manipulate the messages, in the same way that you would modify remote documents on accounts cloud such as Google Drive or Office 365. If you can erase your own data on a computer, then another that you can also do it, for what little he has of your password ; this will have the effect to pass all these changes on your various devices in sync, including your smartphone. However, there are several different ways to steal your password and a hacker could get in via phishing or with an application vérolée.

As listening to the conversations of the american president, is it credible?

It is even easier. Hackers have already shown that it can listen to any conversation at any time (thanks to the vulnerabilities of the protocol SS7), through a very simple process to put in place. This is not even a fault, it is linked to the need for operators to open their data to transmit to a conversation in another country, so to another operator by example. And it is the same danger when one is the president of the United States as for a business leader by example. It is necessary to know and, if its confidentiality, it is necessary to use encrypted communication.

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If solutions exist, why a head of State such as Donald Trump does not use?

Because they find it too restrictive. It is necessary to first change the phone, so give up its beautiful smartphone. It is then necessary to wait sometimes up to two minutes that the conversation is encrypted is established, and yet, it may be cut regularly because the device is not necessarily stable. In short, this is not necessarily comfortable. Yet, the White House is rather exemplary in this area. In France, the security level is close to zero. The leaders have phones secure, but they do not use it almost never.


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