Security Token Offerings (STO) will be able to save the tarnished Image of ICOs? In a regulated environment, “ICO 2.0 could provide” for a revival of the Token Sales, argues Sven Wagenknecht in a comment of 19. October. It is time to look at a few of the projects in more detail.

The bursting of the ICO-Hype of 2017 is still high waves. As was recently announced, invited the U.S. securities and exchange Commission Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) this year alone, a variety of ICOs formally. Against the company’s investigation procedures for violations of the exchange act.

the question is, what is the future for the sale of a Token as a Form of capital-raising for Start-ups. As Sven Wagenknecht last Friday, the 19. October, argued, is not completed the Chapter on ICO, even after the Bursting of the bubble for a long time. In the Form of regulated financial products, Token Sales could still be a viable option for raising capital. In a legal safe environment STOs could finally get institutional investors on Board. That would be a milestone for the establishment of this Form of business financing.

for an Overview

STOs are a young phenomenon. According to rar Start-ups that make use of this means of financing to own are sown. On the basis of selected examples, we want to make on existing projects.

glasses 24

First of all, a company from Germany. At Brille24 is the leading Online optician in Europe. The company advertises with modern AI applications to handle the purchase of eyeglasses completely online. A virtual fitting room, as well as the Online examination of the eye.

For further funding of research and development, the company plans to STO over Newfoundland. In this case, each Token is 1:1 is secured by shares in the company. Because it is so de facto to the securities, investors are entitled to a dividend.


In the growth Ranking 2017/18 the Online platform start-up scene took mySWOOOP space 25 of the fastest growing Tech companies in Germany. The Re-Commerce company is on the price-optimised and sale of a variety of used Goods, specialized. With a specially developed Software mySWOOOP guaranteed prices for the purchase and sale.

Also mySWOOOP plans to participate via Newfoundland share in the Company on the Security Token to issue to the investors at a profit.

block state

The Swiss company block state has committed to the digitization of financial products. Here, Smart Contracts for the management of the Token-based Assets. The main focus in a block state to a “more inclusive financial market”, such as Michael Weber, the founder of block state, puts it.

Furthermore, the block state is managed with the CTF15 a kind of crypto-ETF, the investors ‘ company according to the 15 largest crypto-Assets can cover.

block state is one of the first companies to launch their STO about Newfoundland. The Token should give investors here, too, the usual shareholder rights. On the block state STO, we reported already in June.

block state

In contrast to the previously pre-STOs block state is not a partnership with Newfoundland, but with the STO-intermediate Polymath. Block state is a financial company with a focus on the American real estate market. The Hardcap of 50 million US dollars would like to use the block state, accordingly, is to invest in a wide portfolio of real estate. The Security Token also in this case shares in the company, are considered as securities. The payout from the profits to be made on a quarterly basis.

Token Sales not yet at the end

The Token Sale as a means of corporate financing has clearly not used. On the contrary, If the regulatory authorities, the SEC, drawn from the ICO-bubble of the last year, the right Lessons, could Token Sales experience in the Form of STOs a real Revival. Because properly regulated Security Token is expected to finally call for institutional investors on the Plan.


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