Upon his arrival at the head of France Télévisions, Delphine Ernotte has warned : “We have a television of white men over the age of 50, and it, it will be necessary to change this.” Julien Lepers, David Pujadas, or Georges Pernoud have made the cost of the purge announced. In these conditions, the spared, have every interest to keep quiet and pray to continue to be. It is wrong to know Patrick Sebastian, 64 years of age, who declares at the beginning of October in the weekly Tele Star : “For the season 2018/2019, I will only have four Years of happiness, two of the world greatest Cabaret, a new year’s eve and… zero-fiction ! […] If they [France Télévisions] give me less, I will not stay. And if they give me the same thing, I wouldn’t either !”

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tv this week : Ad Vitam, Johnny, Victor Hugo… on tv this week: House of Cards, Mammon, the GAFA on tv this week: The office of legends and Bodyguard

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The reaction was not made to wait. The following weekend, it means that this is his last season on France 2. Well, yes ! Try a poker game, it is beautiful. It is still necessary to notify the mat and the opponent… Gold Delphine Ernotte, strong beautiful results of the hearing on its antennas in recent years, has the means to pay for a bluff. When we know that Patrick Sébastien holds the record of the history of viewing figures (17.4 million viewers) with a show entitled The Big bluff (it does not lack irony), spell stupidly to the party, promising, however, to swing its four truths week-end in The Earth from Saturday ! The flawed policy of Delphine Ernotte in terms of facilitators is less concerned that a strategic error of the unfortunate who, before betting all of its chips, would have had to consider this truth cardinale : when we do not know to lose, it is not necessary to play.


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