No work is autodétruite. And this Wednesday night, during this sale at Artcurial in Paris, the auction will have not flown.

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The best-selling Banksy of the evening (among 133 lots in total), a silkscreen print called “Stop and Search”, denouncing police surveillance, is part of a 65 000 € charges included (estimate: 30 000 to 35 000 euros).

1,185 million euros on October 5,

another silk screen, Soup Can (Yellow/Emerald/Brown), a nod to Warhol, was sold to 46 800 euros charges included.

A third “Queen vic”, making fun of queen Victoria, and its positions on homosexuality, is a party to 11 700 euros. Finally, a piece of polypropylene called “Love rat”, a white rat holding a brush, has been sold for-1 700 euros.

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It is a far cry of 1,185 million euros spent by a buyer on October 5 at Sotheby’s in London for reproduction acrylic and spray one of the most famous images of Banksy, “Girl with Balloon”.

barely should it be sold that the web was destroying itself partly thanks to a mechanism hidden in its frame, cutting off part of the image in thin strips vertical.

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The canvas auto-destroyed Banksy will be sold well Banksy: “The most beautiful somersault in the history of art!” Banksy : the secrets of the destruction of the canvas

This move could have immediately increased the value of the canvas, which is now expected to be in excess of two million euros, according to Thierry Ehrmann, president of Artprice, a specialist in the market quotations of the item


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