in the Face of the mounting anger of drivers, Emmanuel Macron tries to calm down the game. If it “assumes perfectly” the increase in the taxation of diesel, he did not rule out measures to mitigate its effect. While an inter-ministerial meeting was held this morning (Monday) on the subject, the president of the Republic also reflects on support of the State in the face of rising prices.

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“The region Hauts-de-France has proposed a transportation assistance for those who have more than 30 km per day of travel. I have asked the government to see how we can support that”, said the head of State in an interview to the newspapers of the group Ebra (Is, Burgundy, Rhone Alpes). He mentioned the possibility of a tax exemption of this assistance, but according to France info, does not contemplate a “generalization” of the “check your fuel”.

the rise again in January

“we Were told for decades that it was necessary to buy diesel and now it is the opposite. It is normal that this will be misunderstood”, was agreed by Emmanuel Macron.

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the minister of The Economy Bruno The Mayor, however, rejected this Monday any halt to the increase of taxation, which shall increase on January 1. “No, she will not be suspended. It does not suspend the ecological transition, the conversion of the park is a French car, which is necessary,” he said on BFMTV.

Operations snail

The threatening thunders of a blocking of roads by motorists, particularly for the 17 November next. This Monday morning, more than a hundred heavy trucks have conducted operations snail on the main roads of the Champagne-Ardenne region, against the end of a dividend tax for non-road fuels in the program of the budget of 2019.

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Some politicians, such as the national Rally, local elected officials, LR, or the pattern of Standing the France Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, have lent their support to these movements. Laurent Wauquiez, qualified recently of a candidate, of “those who clopent and run on diesel” by Benjamin Griveaux, the government spokesman, has said on Twitter that “taxing the fuel, it is taxing the French workers.” The mp for BIA Clémentine Autain has also denounced an “indirect tax [that] is always on the weakest”.

Of the vote for a “check fuel”

parliamentarians from all political sides are asking for the government aid measures for the households in precarious conditions. On Sunday, the two deputies LR Guillaume Peltier and Damien Abad, have followed in the steps of other political leaders, by proposing the creation of a “check fuel” of 100 euros distributed to 13 million French from the province” who have “no access to public transport”. An application that looks similar to that of the general secretary of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, who has called for his side to LCI the creation of a “transport cheques”.

Even within the majority, some dissenting voices : the honourable member LREM Matthew Orphan has reiterated its proposal to help households in rural areas and périrubaines in the case of a strong price increase.

Bruno The Mayor is opposed to

on the side Of the government, Bruno Le Maire, has already expressed his opposition to this cheque fuel. This would be a “short-term solution that would contribute to global warming,” he estimated at the end of October in an interview in Paris. The minister of the Economy prefers an increase in the check energy the next year, awarded to low-income households, even if it concerns only the expenses of heating, the strengthening of the premium to the conversion or the tax credit energy transition (QUOTES) for some of the work out of saving energy in housing. Arguments that have little worn here with car drivers.

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In a year, the price of diesel at the pump has risen by around 23% compared to 15% to that of gasoline, especially because of the increase in oil prices, even if a drop is initiated over the past two weeks.


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