For the first time in 67 months, the supplementary pensions of the employees are re-measured on Thursday 1 November. This increase, shy, does not go unnoticed after years of gel, in part linked to the low inflation part of the economy measures decided in the pain in 2013 and 2015 by the employers and trade union organizations that manage the schemes Agirc and Arrco. The month of November is also marked by a re-evaluation of the allocation disabled adult (AAH) and a (new) increase in gas price regulated.

+ 0.6% for pensions Agirc-Arrco

The supplementary pensions of the employees, paid by the Agirc-Arrco, show a slight increase of 0.6%. The first time in five years : the last revaluation was in April 2013. These pensions are paid “to date”, at the beginning of the month in which they are due, the pensioners concerned will be the color at the beginning of November.

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This revaluation less than the inflation is explained by an agreement signed in 2015 by the social partners which provided, for the years 2016 to 2018, a rate indexing of a point lower than the rate of inflation. The calculation has been made from the last inflation forecast to 2018 published by the Insee : 1,6% – 1 point = 0.6 per cent.

The basic pensions of employees shall be revalued on 1 January 2019 – the date for the annual indexing, until here is fixed at 1st October, has been shifted from three months. The government has planned to increase these pensions to the basis of 0.3%, i.e., again, less than inflation.

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Handicap : the AAH range to 860 euros

Previously set to 819€, the amount of the Allocation disabled adult (AAH) is increased from 41€ 1 November, to reach a total of 860€. A new increase is foreseen in one year, should bring the allowance up to 900 €, as announced by Emmanuel Macron during the presidential campaign.

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Seen by over one million people under the condition of income, the AAH is a differential allowance: you touch on the difference between the maximum amount indicated above, and your resources are taken into account. It is paid “in arrears”, that is to say after the month for which it is due. It is therefore only in December that the persons concerned will benefit from this increase.

Attention, at the same time, the government has raised the income ceiling, which deprives them at least 80 000 recipients of this appreciation, say the associations.

New rise in gas prices

For the seventh consecutive month, the rate-regulated gas increase in November, from 5.79% on average, compared to October, has announced the Commission of energy regulation (CRE).

“This movement is explained by the upward trend, observed for several months, the raw materials and, in particular, oil and gas”, she explains in a press release. In the detail, “this increase is 1.9% for those who use gas for cooking, 3.6% for those who have a dual-purpose cooking and hot water, and 6% for homes that heat up the gas.”

the disappearance of The regulated tariffs, which were related to mid-2018 42% of the residential sites according to the CRE, has been announced by the year 2023. A prescription must come and clarify the extent.

For the seventh consecutive month, regulated prices of gas climb in November.


– Payment tax

As always, November is the month of payment of the housing tax and the contribution to public broadcasting (“fee tv”). You have until November 20 to resolve all of the two-line (the amount will be charged to your account from the 26), up to 15 if you do not use a means of payment, dematerialized, unless a different date is shown on your tax notice.

This vintage 2018 is marked by an initial decrease (“relief”) of the property tax, 30% for those whose income tax reference of 2017 (RFR, listed on your tax notice) does not exceed a certain threshold (43 000 € for a couple without children, for example). A lower, regressive, is planned for the taxpayers to just over the thresholds. Only primary residences are concerned.

please note, in the detail, “the relief is calculated by taking into account the rate of property tax in 2017,” says the tax administration. In the clear ? If the community (commune or intercommunal), where you live has increased its rates for 2018, you will not see your tax decrease by 30%, it can even in some cases, be heavier, and this even if your income makes you eligible for the measure. Because the 30% discount will be applied only on the portion of property tax calculated on the rate 2017…

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As for the fee, its amount rises to € 139 per household in mainland france and 89 € overseas. The relief does not apply to it.

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As every year, the winter break begins on 1 November and will last until 31 march. The evictions of tenants and cuts of energy are suspended during this period, with a few exceptions.


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