Maubeuge, a T3 of 70 m2 in the former is trading around 72 000 euro. The same property will cost you almost 400 000 euros in Antibes. Five times more expensive. Has the rental, the differences are less impressive but still significant. The same T3 of 70 m2 and can be leased over 1,100 euros per month in Cannes and at just 455 euros in Châtellerault, a medium-sized town on the borders of Touraine and Poitou.

Our list of cities where life is good in 2018 reveals a gaping between the cities and all other cities. A report based on three indicators : the median rent of a 3-bedroom, the median sales price of an apartment and an old house.

Change the region ? When the decision is made, we prefer of course not to pay too much for housing. To establish our classification of cities where the living is good, the low cost of real estate has thus been regarded as positive. This is often one of the only assets of many medium-sized cities, especially in the north and the east of France. But it is also an asset ambiguous when the low level of prices is linked to the industrial past, to a hemmed-in, a bad reputation, or the fact that people do not come to settle in the agglomeration.

medium-sized cities like Roanne, Chateauroux, Carcassonne, Charleville-Mézières or Tarbes display and land prices more than attractive. Among large cities, it is also the case of Mulhouse and Saint-Etienne, that can be found in the table below, but also of Poitiers, Limoges and Clermont-Ferrand. Without making them necessarily attractive, it allows them to claim a cost-of-living softer. The argument brings more when the cities tourism (Aix, Nice, Antibes, Cannes, La Rochelle…) are unaffordable and that some cities, like Lyon or Bordeaux, also become.

But the low cost of housing, Châtellerault or Maubeuge, are not necessarily destinations of choice. Just like the commercial premises .. in the heart of small cities or medium-sized towns throughout France, are not sufficient to convince the retailers return and settle.

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purchase Price, in the former, a T3 of 70 m2 approximately.

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