Parcoursup, it is a kind of running gag that no longer laugh big world. To begin with, 57 200 students still without a proposal to a week of school. Worried that the machine grinds to a halt, the ministry has decided to set August 27, the registration deadline administrative training selective (BTS, IUT, engineering schools and business, category…), which is ten days earlier than expected. A way to push some of the students waiting for another proposal – the famous “Yes, but” in the language Parcoursup – to accept or not definitely their choice. Automatically, this deadline was to release the seat and allow the schools to know the staff and they will also welcome the start of the year. But they will have to wait a few days before to see a little more clearly because, for the moment, the acceleration is only relative.

choices out of spite

Between the 27th and 29th of August, only 5 000 candidates have definitely accepted a proposal. The number of candidates waiting for a proposal is, to him, increased from 60 000 to 57, 200. “Yes, but” to know an equally small rise in their number from 86 900 81 600.

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What choice is there in these ? Accept the famous proposal that they keep “yes, but”. In other words : to validate a choice of direction out of spite. They can also opt for the so-called “complementary”, a procedure that is also open to new graduates who still have no solution for the start. In this procedure, the available places in the different training courses are regularly updated. This applies in particular to sectors that do not display full at the end of the distribution orchestrated by the platform. But beware : a candidate denied training by Parcoursup may not apply again via the additional procedure. Even though there are free parking spaces. A shame…

140 places for 1 200 candidates

Restless at the approach of the new school year, David has accepted a training in complementary procedure. But it would still not renounce his vows waiting on Parcoursup, because this new formation to which it has consented “is not in the supply chain that[he] had requested at the outset”. Same thing for Lila which, in the absence of be taken in applied foreign Languages (LEA) Korean, has been postulated by LEA Chinese. A bargain all the same for the young woman who Parcoursup made to pay more than a tear.

Nothing for this field LEA, all languages combined, a total of 49 courses are available in the Ile-de-France. But when one looks more closely, it is clear that the places are still cruelly lacking. Has Paris V, this license offers 140 seats… for 1 200 applications. Same thing at the university less listed of Evry-Val-d’essonne, which currently has 190 spaces for 1 030 applicants. And science courses are no exception, as evidenced by the license Mathematical physical computing and engineering (Mipi), Cergy-Pontoise, with 310 seats for 2 400 candidates.

The training would all saturated ? Not necessarily, if the candidates agree to settle in the region, such as in Clermont-Ferrand where this same sector Mipi offers 500 seats and has only 300 applicants. But even in this city considered – perhaps wrongly – as less attractive, only 140 spots are still available in bachelor of arts for more than 450 hopefuls, 250 seats in economy-management for 1 to 300 applicants and 620 spaces to the right for 2 150 candidates.

Reentry shifted to Nîmes

As noted in the ministry, the usual “turn-over re-entry”, is expected to release additional seats, since each year, almost 10% of registered voters are bogus bond. But the facs, they do not have the time to wait to know how people settled on their banks. Some institutions have therefore taken drastic measures. In Nîmes, where students are undecided accounted for 20 % of the workforce there are still a few days left, the university has decided to postpone the start of a week to welcome the new students, in good conditions. At Cergy-Pontoise, where some sectors were still more than 30 % undecided 24 August, the administration was speculating on the number of classes, and therefore teachers, needed for September. “We need to try to find teachers without knowing if we will be in need of them. This is problematic, ‘ said the micro France Info the vice president of education and student life, Patrick Courilleau.

Paradoxically, this is not in the high schools of province, but in the preparatory classes the most popular that the numbers have put the most time to stabilize. Because “when you’re in paris and you are staying with your parents, it doesn’t cost you anything to wait until the last moment to choose”, according to Sebastien Cote, president of the teachers category of the literary, interviewed by le Figaro. “For others, those who need to pay a studio, or find a student accommodation, it poses a social problem.”

“instructions” to house the scholars

For a few months, the question of housing is, in fact, become crucial for the students faced with the blockages of Parcoursup. This criterion is even the reason why David has accepted a training by default. The young man thrilled to find no solution to stay in the back.

His case is not isolated. Because some allocations have been slow – or still, for the less lucky – the future students are many not yet have housing. Some students who leave the family nest scurry to find an apartment in the private park before the start of the year. But the situation is even more worrying for those who were counting on housing proposed by the Crous – who manage in particular the rooms of students of the university cities, because they do not know in what city they will eventually land…

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Asked by LCI on Monday, Thierry Bégué, adviser to the accommodation of the Crous – the body that coordinates the various Crous, tries to reassure them : “Each of the Crous in France still has free rooms which are assigned on a case-by-case basis, at the same time that the administrative management of the files of incoming students.” For applicants still waiting for an affection, the advisor claims to have given “instructions” : “Each centre to reserve seats for students in this situation. […] These requests will be given priority compared to the others.” Despite these instructions, rarely re-entry in the top may or may not have been as challenging nervously.


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