“I would like to reiterate that none of the 1600 CTS [technical advisors sports] referred to in the document of which you were informed not to lose his job,” said Monday the new Sports minister Roxana Maracineanu, after a long conversation with the Prime minister Edouard Philippe. She found it “very brutal” the publication of the circular setting a target of 1,600 job cuts in his ministry.

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on Friday, the AFP had revealed that in a framework letter sent on July 26 at his predecessor Laura Flessel, the prime minister has asked the department to”implement a scheme of employment of less than 1600 FTES (full time equivalent) during the period 2018-2022″.

The revelation of the letter of framing has set the fire to the powder in a sports movement that is concerned to see the State opt-out, with a ministry budget that is likely to be down for the second year in a row.

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after graduating from Matignon, the former swimming champion has, however, announced the launching of a “consultation” on the”evolution” of the management of CTS. She stated that she would provide the results “end of October”. “Everyone is agree to say that their mode of management must evolve in consultation with all stakeholders and respecting the role and prerogatives of each,” she added.

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Indicating that the Prime minister has “assured of his commitment to a budget for the sport at the height of the issues”, the minister has also announced that it launched “the discussions on the management of taxes” with the minister of the Budget Gérald Darmanin and will make proposals on this subject before the presentation of the budget bill [Bill Finance] to 2019″.


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