Singaporean Stock Trading Guru Adam Khoois being used in a fake news story promoting a shady Forex trading software named Bitcoin Era. Viewers surfing the internet through their computer or an app are advised they cangenerate large amounts of money without having to work.

The fake news story circulating on Facebook and fake mirror websitesexplain howAdam Khoo is making over $600 a week on autopilot for his members.

Khoo, who has is a self-made stock trader earned millions by developing his own stock trading strategies. He is considered by many in Singapore to be the leading stock trader, and according to Wikipedia he is also the Executive chairman and Chief Master Trainer of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group, one of Asia’s largest private educational institutions.

Adam Khoo Bitcoin Era

According to thefake news article Khoo explains how to use the “revolutionary software” which utilizes cutting edge market technologies in order to generate money for its; members. However, some red flags help expose the lies, which became very apparent after Khoo was quoted as saying that Bitcoin Era is a scam and he has nothing to do with it.

Similar trading platforms such as Bitcoin Evolution also use the same types of methodologies in order to attract potential new victims, and it seems the fake news trend will not abate any time soon.


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