It could not have escaped the person : the cloth burns between the facilitators of the PAF. Week after week, Alain Chabat ridicules Cyril Hanouna, who insult Yann Barthes, who tackle Yann Moix, who clashe Vincent Lagaf’, who takes Yann Barthes, who inveighs Cyril Hanouna… The same cock fight, vulgar, infantile and narcissistic, takes place at the antenna and on the social networks. But their little game starts to become repetitive, boring even (very) painful. Instead of die by the media in which they, these leaders should have the courage to move to serious things and compete, for real, mano a mano, in an arena transformed into a tv studio… Until there’s only one left. The program not only would a cardboard box, but most importantly, at the end of this Hunger Games of the PAF, we could finally see who was in the slip (to borrow the elegant terminology hanounienne). Of course, Michel Drucker would be a referee in the natural world ; experience required. Let’s imagine the case for a moment. Sound the trumpets ! The wild beasts are let loose, and that the best wins ! Barthes throws Hanouna, biting Lagaf’, who breaks the arms of Yann Moix, who stifles Barthes, who impales Hanouna, who has no time for him to swing his post in full figure… It is appalling. A real blood bath. The battle lasted only ten minutes. The cameras then turn to the sole survivor and the grand prize winner of the evening, which displays a radiant smile : Michel Drucker. He had guessed… well, to (highly) next Sunday !


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