After five years at the head of the employers ‘ organisation, Pierre Gattaz was preparing to move the hand on Tuesday. The 556 electors of the general Assembly will meet at 10am at the Maison de la Mutualité in Paris to choose their new president: Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, or Alexandre Saubot.

Already a candidate in 2013, before you pull up behind Pierre Gattaz, the two finalists have two different profiles. On one side, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux is a business creator, who has made a fortune in telecom. At the head of Notus Technologies, which invests in start-ups and SMES, this graduate of the Essec business school appears as a boss in “modern” to “renew” the employers ‘ organisation, whose image is very degraded in public opinion. “It is necessary to give a new face to the Medef, younger, more representative of new sectors including technology and more female,” he said Monday on Europe 1

A tight battle

In front, Alexandre Saubot displays a profile more traditional: this graduate is the boss of the industrial group’s family Haulotte. Negotiator social du Medef, he promises, in case of victory, to “reconcile France and the company”. He also wants to reform the employers ‘ organisation that is based on “a refreshed team” and reducing the president’s mandate to three years and are renewable, as opposed to five years currently.

The battle promises to be tight until the end. The two men claiming to currently have a number of supports almost equivalent. Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, behind which are arranged the five former candidates, is said to have convinced 22 professional federations and more than fifty territories. At the end of may, a hundred business leaders of the French Tech have also signed an article in his favor, and at the end of June, three major figures from the business, the very liberal Denis Kessler, Maurice Lévy and Gérard Mestrallet, have supported his candidacy in the Echos.

For his part, Alexandre Saubot has obtained the official support of 18 organisations – including large with many voices, such as the UIMM (metallurgy), the French banking Federation or the national Federation of public works – and about twenty federations territorial claims, according to a tally of his campaign team. Fifty bosses has also signed an article supporting it.

The mixed picture of Pierre Gattaz

The two men are in any case agree on one point: the president-elect’s mission will be to “gather” around him after the mandate of Pierre Gattaz. If in 2013, the outgoing president had succeeded in bringing together all the employers ‘ organisation behind him at the time of his election, his five years at the head of the Medef have been variously appreciated in the movement.

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throughout his five-year term, his statements in particular have caused much ink to flow. And in 2015, in the midst of the fray of the act Work, while thousands of people are in the street, the president of the Medef, compared to in an interview at the World of the militants of the CGT to “terrorists” and “thugs”. This output would lead him to be sued for libel, but acquitted later.

At the time of its balance sheet, returning to the law Work requested by all employers, Pierre Gattaz, says that “the final bill has little to do with the initial intention,” but that it will permit “ordinances, made by Emmanuel Macron to be adopted more easily a few months later”.

A million jobs net were created in five years

Slayer of the wealth Tax, which he describes as “poison” and which he obtains the deletion with after the election of Emmanuel Macron, Pierre Gattaz has also been noticed during the implementation of the “pact of responsibility”. These reductions of employers ‘ contributions, and these measures of tax reductions for businesses estimated at € 40 billion per year raised many criticisms. And if some call of counterparties, Pierre Gattaz, closes the debate with a pithy phrase: “there will be no rewards, we are not in a school yard”.

But the most memorable moment of his tenure will remain on its promise at the end of 2013: the president of the Medef announces a goal of a million jobs net were created in five years. Pierre Gattaz was displayed proudly with a badge of yellow symbolizing this goal, giving rise to taunts and annoyance within the Medef.

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today, there is still not. From 2012 to 2014, France has destroyed jobs, before creating 600 000 between 2015 and 2017 to support the economic recovery. But Pierre Gattaz, did not budge, he remains confident that the Hexagon can cross “the bar of a million in the next 18 months”.


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