To an easing of tensions in Mayotte? This Sunday, the coordination committee elected members of the archipelago announces that the public services which had been closed in the framework of the social movement against the insecurity and immigration, would open on Monday 26 march. The elect also invite in a statement, “the parents to consider the return of children in schools” of Mayotte.

This decision follows a decision Thursday by Edouard Philippe to appoint on Monday a representative of the government “to develop, in close liaison with all stakeholders on the proposals for the future of the territory”.

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elected officials are pleased, too, that “concrete actions of securing the territory and operations against illegal immigration (are) already engaged on the ground by the State”. The “firm position of the government” to respect the Union of Comoros, a country where most of the migrants, also reassure the elect.

A request for waiver of the dams swept by the unions

“In these conditions, elected officials are calling on the population, the community and the intersyndicale to consider the removal of dams and the suspension of the movement”, still shows the coordination Committee of elected representatives from Mayotte.

A request is formally refused by the inter-union which has responded by way of a press release on Sunday: “You ask us to consider the lifting of dams, ( … ), whereas you have already decided to detach from our actions.” The trade union leaders have warned : “In any case, our dams should stay in place and your services should be aware of the disturbances”.

at the same time, the 73 polling stations of Mayotte have opened this Sunday morning for the second round of the legislative election, despite threats of blockade and the protest movement that had paralyzed the island for the past FIVE weeks, said the prefecture.

No major incident during the legislative partial

If some of the offices were opened with a delay of sometimes more than an hour, due to damage to the entrances of the polling stations, no major incidents were reported in the margins of the second round of the partial legislative of the first district of the island of Mayotte.

This last is between the same candidates in June 2017, the ex-mp Ramlati Ali, label-free and supported by The Republic in March, and Elad Chakrina (LR), which has obtained the support of the national Front. A precedent-setting support which The Republicans are split.

in The first round last Sunday, Ramlati Ali was topped with 36,15% of the vote, ahead of Elad Chakrina, who has obtained 32,59% of the vote. The election of Ramlati Ali, the first woman mahoraise mp, had been cancelled on January 19, after an action of Elad Chakrina, the constitutional Council considered that, having regard to the “small difference of votes” between them, “the sincerity of the election (had) been tampered with”.

Ramlati Ali was indicted on 14 February for complicity in the electoral fraud in a case of proxies will be contested during the previous election. Having appealed this decision, it is without label.


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