that which strikes the ear in this case – it is the voice. The voice. That of Marlene Jobert, of which the chili pepper singing remains recognizable between thousand. The one of Eva Green, more serious, more dark, as inhabited by an evil twin. Hear so good morning sunny day. The mother and the daughter are sitting in the armchairs of the living room. Marlene, at the edge of one, with crossed hands, attentive. Eva, at the bottom of the other, more an observer, at once distant and present. The main character of this gathering is Marlene Jobert, who publishes a new tale, The Witches of the street of storms (Glénat jeunesse). The year is now familiar to one who writes since 1988 in various collections she has performed tales from around the world, the love of music through stories and ended up writing his own.

But for the first time, his daughter Eva, view for James Bond (Casino Royale) and Tim Burton (Dark Shadows, Miss Peregrine and the children in particular), gives voice and life to two of the four sisters, witches, who are wind of terrible street of the storms. The two share with kindness, enthusiasm, and admiration mingled. Marlene has been the archetype of the French actress walking down, with zest and determination, comedies tricolour of her freckles. Eva, she discusses characters, and more strange, sometimes marmoréens, it defends with a kind of coldness warm. Together, they support We want to poppies, call to ban pesticides. A support of one and the same voice.

EXPRESS : When you are you interested in the art of storytelling ?

Marlene Jobert: I discovered later, when I’m telling stories to my girls [Eva and her twin sister]. All the child psychiatrists say the importance of these stories that entertained, but also allow parents to convey certain values, certain ideas. I first read a lot of books for the youth, and, little by little, I invented my own stories, using the vocabulary of my children. The starting point was often an event of the day and I was improvising. My first stories were so oral before a friend pushed me to write. I’ve done that for vacation, I took a lot of pleasure, and then an editor had heard that I was also asked to interpret them.

Eva Green : Mom left almost all the days in improv. My sister and I give him the ingredients, constraints, such as involving a witch very nasty, and presto, it started ! It was so fans of these stories that it lasted until adolescence.

Mr. J. What I love about it is poisoned daily by the fantastic. The process is a bit magical, I don’t know where I’m going. I look at this sugar that looks like a tomato [laid on table] and this part. When I write, there are several steps : the idea to convey, the general structure, the end, the suspense. In The Little Boy who used to bite dogs, for example, I wanted to describe the pain that could feel a child for the arrival of a little sister. It was her dog who tells the story and the child is so disturbed that he bites. Mom has hired a witch is the story of a child shocked by the ugliness of the woman of the household ; it is found at this point using the tool that he is convinced that she is a witch. In addition, she does not speak French. We learn that it is an immigrant from poland, virtuosic soloist. She is going to teach him piano and he learns French. I wanted to say that he was not to be fooled by appearances.

Why not make scenarios of all these stories ?

Mr. J. I would like to. I don’t know if I’ll have the urge to write again for a long time. Yes, a movie with these four witches who want to sabotage the music festival. The music, it is their enemy which turns them into a statue. Then they want all of the notes. But it goes very badly, except for the little sister, moon Flower, which has the power to play music. But why am I telling you all this ?

E. G. Yes, why ?

Mr. J. the More I think about it, though, the more I imagine a feature length cartoon. It is not there yet.

Illustration from the book” The Witches of the street of storms ”

Glénat Jeunesse /SDP

Eva, what memories do you have of these tales ?

E. G. I have not learned to read with his books, but I have learned to grow. That our mother wrote books could seem strange in the eyes of our friends, but for us, it was just normal and everyday. I read them all. She is very perfectionist. I love to listen to all the voices that she takes, since she interprets all the characters. This is the actress who returns. This time, I proposed to him to work with her. She told me : “Chiche !” It was done as a family. It was funny. I love to play, I’ve been doing it since I was small. But this is not an easy exercise.

Mr. J. You do not cope very well. Eva likes to play nasty. Just the opposite of it. At the cinema you have played a lot of violent characters. But I’m not going to talk to you…

E. G. I love the things and the roles that are out of the ordinary. When we play, we want a divorce from itself. My mother is very instinctive, very spontaneous. I’m more cerebral. I am not gifted for writing, but I would like to have this talent.

Mr. J. Me-even I didn’t get there when I started. All the moms who tell stories should write, at least for the memories. An album of tales, like a photo album. Me, I use what I know to do. I continue my métier actress, I like that. We both have a unique voice. The one and the other have a large range. We could be singers.

E. G. Wow !

Mr. J., You should try. Eva has sent me a mock-up of song. But it’s not interesting too, I think…

E. G. Me, I love the speak-sung. I would like to sing poems. Those of Pablo Neruda, for example. I think it is a good way to make poetry more accessible. The idea to me trots in the head.

Mr. J., I discover things this morning !

E. G. In Penny Dreadful, the tv series that I played, there were often poetry. It was very cheeky, but it went very well. The year I was given the taste. It is soothing for the soul. Do understand and hear the poetry in school is often complicated. It is necessary to find new ways. You should have listened to my mother reciting the poems of jacques Prévert ? It is amazing.

Mr. J. It was forty years ago. I’ve done that and a disc of songs.

E. G. It should stand out. It is a masterpiece !

Mr. J. You’re exaggerating… You think it would work ?

* The Witches of the street of storms, by Marlène Jobert, with the participation of Eva Green. Book and CD, ed Glénat youth.


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