If you do not want your personal data running, delete them. This is in substance what was recommended Mounir Mahjoubi this Tuesday morning on France Inter. The secretary of State in charge of Digital was invited to speak on the security flaw that Google + unveiled the day before. According to him, users should be “responsible for [their] personal data on the Internet” since the measures of the general Regulation of data protection (RGPD) is not enough to secure the upstream data.

Everything can leak

“It must needs be that one realizes that our personal data are not in safes, and they can leak,” said Mounir Mahjoubi at the microphone of France Inter. It therefore invites the French to learn about the personal data that they retain their social networks. “When you look at them, ask yourself one question : if they running, and are circulating around on the Internet, that everyone can download them, is what I’m comfortable with ?”, explains the secretary of State.

Asked by Léa Salamé, Mounir Mahjoubi says it must now act with our personal data on the Internet as with any precious object : “In you, something very important, you don’t leave it in front of your door, you put it behind a door and you close to key […] Why is it that for the data online is not the same thing ?”. The questions asked by the listeners, he also insisted on the fact that the e-mail was “the means of communication is the least secure in the world” for the exchange of important data.

The State : a downstream action

Mounir Mahjoubi has tried to reassure the margin of manoeuvre of the State, which may occur after the leak. Since the entry into force of the RGPD, each european country has a regulator in the matter.

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at the End of September, the european authorities have been challenged by a piracy potential of personal data on Facebook. The security vulnerability of the social network has affected about 50 million accounts, of which almost 10% are owned by Europeans. Since then, Facebook still has not answered all the questions that piracy raises. Mounir Mahjoubi has therefore insisted on the fact that the platform could be sentenced to a heavy fine if its leaders remain silent.

After that of Facebook, the vulnerability of the social network Google + is, according to Mounir Mahjoubi, “the fifth event of this kind in a few months”. Despite the request of the secretary of State, Google France has still not indicated if the French accounts had been affected.

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However, the company has decided to close its social network to individuals, even while all people with a Gmail address were automatically recorded.


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