The London Stock Exchange Group .luxe Top-Level Domains, which you can use for both addresses on the World Wide Web as well as for Ethereum transactions. For this, they teamed up with Industry greats such as Minds + Machines Group Limited (MMX), Alibaba Cloud and a part of the Ethereum team.

And again with News from the Ethereum corner. On 1. In November, we reported that Vitalik Buterin Ethereum 2.0. announced. With the Serenity Update, the development team wants to lift the project to a new level. Better, faster, and scalable to Serenity, Buterin has called the upcoming Version of its technology the “Supercomputer as it should be.” In the same breath, on the Devcon 4 in Prague, Fabian bird plate his Vision for ICOs. With RICO’s planned Initial Coin Offerings, in which investors their deposits back as necessary.

.luxe-addresses user-friendliness

From another corner, namely from London, to encourage there is now news according to which Ethereum-hash should be more accessible. According to information, the ECHO of the existence of BTC, wants to detoxify the London Stock Exchange Group together with the Minds & Machines Group Limited, as well as Alibaba and Ethereum this visually. Thus, it can be .in the future, the alpha-numeric addresses by a combination of the name and the extension luxe replace. This could look something like this:

Instead of 0x314159265dd8dbb310642f98f50c066173c1259b

see you later

The Whole thing works similar to the World Wide Web, IP-addresses by a combination of name and extensions like .de, .com or .org to be replaced. The .luxe addresses are not limited, however, to Wallets, but can also be used for Smart Contracts and decentralized Apps (dApps) may be used.

in order for the merger company operates so far a pioneer in this Form there is not the approach in the crypto world so far. The System is, you may hope for more user-friendliness to the sometimes very complicated-looking alpha-numeric addresses.

Update: A similar solution already exist with the Ethereum of the Name Service. Thank you to our Community.


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