Reporting of content, refusal to pay, do pay attention to the promotion of sites… the internet platforms like Facebook and Google have committed to be active against the fake news.

The internet giants have pledged to follow a code of good practice, presented on Wednesday to counter the misinformation online. This step has been welcomed by the EU but is considered insufficient by some, to seven months of the european.

Mozilla, Amazon, or Twitter

The signatories of this code, issued by the european Commission on Wednesday in Brussels, undertake, in particular, to notify if a content is advertising, to adopt a clear policy on the use and the identification of “bots” (programmed to broadcast an automatic message). They also promise not to accept remuneration from the accounts and websites that are systematically false information, or engage in the promotion.

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Among the signatories, are the company Mozilla, which is the origin of the Firefox browser, or the association Edima, which includes Amazon, or Twitter among its members.

The european commissioner for the digital Economy, Mariya Gabriel, welcomed “this step in the right direction”, while urging the platform to do more.

The platforms are “not well placed to tackle the problem,”

“If the results prove to be unsatisfactory, the Commission could propose further action, including the actions of a regulatory nature”,-she added. Clearly, Brussels will always reserve the possibility to legislate, as it has for the moment left the internet industry self-regulate.

Brussels has started at the beginning of the year 2018 to intensify its campaign against the false information in the wake of the scandal Cambridge Analytica.

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In view of the european elections of may 2019, the eu executive also wants to redouble its efforts, after the putative interference of Russia in the presidential election in the u.s. and vote in the Brexit.

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A committee bringing together the media and scientists, such as the european Federation of journalists or the association of european radio, was already very critical vis-à-vis the code. “The platforms that earn money from the ads displayed next to articles and information messages that are tampered with are simply not well placed to tackle this problem”, said the director of the european bureau of consumer protection (BEUC), Monique Goyens.


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