The snow in Corsica, it happens. But so much snow at low altitude, this was not happened for over 30 years. The bay of Ajaccio has been covered, in the night of Monday to Tuesday, by fifteen centimetres of fresh powder. A rare vision that has surprised the inhabitants in its wake.

“It’s not happened for a very long time, since February 10, 1986, where he had fallen 25 centimeters,” said Patrice Rebillout, Météo France, Corsica, Agence France-Presse.

The thick white coat was placed in front of the sea, replacing the sand of the beach by the flakes. The witnesses of these scenes have not failed to post many pictures on social networks.

Several political leaders, elected officials and institutions have also shared pictures of a Corsican white.

IMAGES >> IN the winter of 2017, a warning of snow and ice was the Corsican

above the level of the sea, the snow falls, however, are not rare on the island of Beauty. The last winter had been marked by a orange alert.

At 7 a.m. on Tuesday, Météo France noted, for example, 13 centimeters in Ajaccio, but also 10 cm in Propriano, 14 cm in Bastia and up to 25 cm in altitude. The two departments are placed, on Tuesday morning, a yellow alert of snow and ice. Favourable to the falls of flakes on this night, the temperatures in Anchorage are expected to rise in the day until a shy 6°C.

Some facetious brought out their skis to try to godiller on the low sloping beaches. A video of Corsica Morning shows an officer of the gendarmerie squad high mountain to try to this new track from the coastline.

Corsica, as the rest of France, is affected by a great cold wave. A phenomenon called “Paris-Moscow”, because of the geographical origin of the air masses, which brought down the mercury below normal.

Several flights have been cancelled and delayed to Corsica. France had not experienced such a wave of cold at this time of the year since 2005. She has already made three dead, three homeless people found dead in Valencia, in the Yvelines, near paris and in Savoy.

The peak cold is generally expected Tuesday and into Wednesday. Météo-France provides rise “brutal” in the South spreading to the rest of the country. “We’re going to go from winter to spring in a week,” prognostic forecaster Patrick Galois.

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In the meantime, in Ajaccio, on Tuesday mid-day, the arrival of a great sun, and the progressive rise in temperatures had already begun to melt the snow.


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