The value of gross leaseable that appears on your notice of assessment of taxes land properties built-up housing and corresponds to the rental value cadastral. It is calculated based on the standard of your building, its location, the degree of comfort of your property and equipment it contains. The result obtained is nothing in the rent real.

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This value is reflected in the opinions of the two taxes, but it is necessary to distinguish between property tax and housing tax. For the first, the value calculated by the cadastre is divided by two and it is on this basis have been reduced by half that are applied to the rate voted by the local communities.

For the housing tax, it is much more complicated. Your notice contains the cadastral value of your property and a rental value average. This corresponds to the property of the same nature as yours the average rent in your town.

it is to be used for the calculation of the reliefs mentioned in your notice of assessment, which relate to your principal residence only. You will be able to get the base net-of-tax (rental value cadastral – reliefs calculated on the rental value average). Your property tax will be calculated by multiplying the base net-of-tax rates set by local communities that are different from those of property tax.

Not easy to challenge but not impossible

If you have any doubts on the rates applied by the tax authorities or on the reliefs for family responsibilities, you should contact your tax office premises whose address is shown on your notice.

On the other hand, if you consider that the cadastral value of your property is too important, no need to contact before having received his share of the card-6675-Mr. The indications contained on the modalities for the calculation of the cadastral value are not always very clear, far from it, but unfortunately it’s the only basis of discussion that you will have to challenge the value adopted by the tax administration.

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As to the rates of the taxes voted by the local authorities, even if you find them outrageously high (you can easily exceed a total of 50 % in many of the cities of the province), they can never be the subject of a dispute. Only your ballot will allow you to punish your councillors for their voracity tax. Note, finally, that the State is considering an overhaul of values in the cadastral and the impact to the taxpayer.


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