Unrecognized, the time savings account (CET) was established and has developed since the law Aubry about the 35 hours for shelter, the choice and pace of the employee, including his days of RTT (working time reduction), its premiums, its thirteenth month and up to its fifth week of paid leave. The employee values his pot when he wants to, and at the latest when he leaves the company.

The principle

It was the reply to the request of employees who did not want to lose the leave that they could not take. “Mainly, THIS is used to accommodate the purposes of career. For example, going to half-time without loss of pay or advance the date of his departure in retaining its income,” explains René Thomas, a member of the Club of the salary savings. For the employee, on the tax plan, there is deferred taxation : the amounts or days assigned to the work are not tax-advantaged, but they will support the tax when they will be recovered.

THIS provides employers with the flexibility they want to manage the days of rest additional from the 35 hours. With one caveat : the requirement of provisions accounting for guarantee to the employee that he may well receive the consideration of his piggy bank when he leaves the company.

Conversion to the leave or in euro

The day on which a candidate leave of absence without pay or the smooth start to the pension decides to mobilize its THIS, how does one ? Depending on the conditions negotiated during the implementation of THIS, either the employee converts his fortune in days off unpaid, is it monetizes in euros, it mixes the two systems.

“In the clear : a day of leave shall be placed on the THIS in a given year is entitled to one day paid for the price of a salary updated when the employee decides to exercise his rights. If the agreement allows for a conversion to the euro, it is his pay on the day of the liquidation of all or any part of its THIS is chosen as the basis of calculation”, developed by René Thomas.

The final departure of the company

If THIS is still intact when the employee leaves the company, by reason of resignation, dismissal or retirement, the rule is clear : it is monetized in salary and is added to the balance of any account, where it is taxable.

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Good to know : if you transfer days the THIS to your collective retirement savings plan (Perco), the first ten days per year will not be taxed when you retire and receive a reduced rate of social security contributions. You are going to start looking at your leave to another eye.


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