Facebook would be the only one concerned. “We have now analysed our data on the installed third party applications or used during the attack (…) This investigation has so far found no evidence that hackers have gained access to any app using the identification (login name) Facebook,” wrote in a press release, Guy Rosen, in charge of the file at Facebook.

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last Friday, the first social network the world has revealed that hackers had managed, in favour of a security breach, to take control of some 50 million accounts Facebook in the world by capturing digital keys of access that allow us to stay connected to his / her profile without having to enter its password each time.

A technical tool available to the developer

But here, hacking this raises the question of access to other applications that you use through Facebook, the famous function “Connect with Facebook”. The hackers had access to accounts in Facebook as if they were the owners, this pathway has, therefore, allowed, in theory, to connect also to different sites and applications external, and thus, again, access to the profiles and data of the users and thus collect more private information.

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Although Facebook says, there have to date no indications that they have actually gained access to these profiles on the exterior, the group states on Tuesday that it puts at the disposal of the developers of these applications using the “login Facebook” a technical tool allowing them to manually check the access keys of users.

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Normally, the reset of the digital key by the group last week had to protect these applications, provides Facebook. The group reminds that in case of any doubt, it is advisable for developers to disconnect users from the application.


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