Google does not change its habits. The company has once again stated that very little revenue in France last year and has even seen its profits to a tax decrease of 1.2 million euros compared to 2016.

According to the financial documents filed at the registry of the commercial court, the company has recorded a turnover of 325 million euros in 2017, an increase of 8.7%, and was paid 14.1 million of income taxes. A decrease of 8.7%, mainly due to a significant increase in “external expenses” (€15.5 million).

Of new fiscal controls on the years 2014, 2016

these include the doubling of the size of the campus, but also a novelty : for loan interest payments. The house irish mother who had conceded an advance of 100 million euros with a zero rate for the acquisition of the paris headquarters in 2011 has finally decided in August 2017 to ask for a compensation “upgraded to 0.24%”.

This change has taken place after the settlement of his affairs with the French State. The services of Bercy have tried to straighten out Google for an amount of € 1.1 billion over the years 2005 to 2010. The inland revenue has sought to demonstrate that the French subsidiary was not simply an agent commissioned of the parent company, Google Ireland Limited, but a fully-fledged entity – a permanent establishment with autonomy in the negotiation of commercial contracts with advertisers. But the administrative court has not been convinced by the demonstration and cancelled the procedure in June 2017. Bercy has appealed this decision and initiated new controls over the financial years 2014 to 2016.

15.9 billion euros transferred to Bermuda in a year

Put in question internationally for their practices in aggressive tax optimization, the firm of Mountain View is based on its european branches to erode its tax base. This system, known as “Sandwich Dutch double irish” allowed him to amass a treasury of war housed primarily in Bermuda. According to Bloomberg, $ 15.9 billion euros have been transferred in 2016 in this tax haven, a sum increase of 7% compared to 2015. In total, more than $ 102 billion dollars were accumulated (89.5 billion euros).

However, Sundar Pichai, the group’s Ceo, had announced at the Davos economic forum earlier this year that he would be “happy to pay more taxes, if the world could agree on this point. This is not only a question of the amount of taxes that we pay, but he must also see how we will divide it between the countries”.

The leader also stressed that intend to hire more engineers in France. In france, the number of employees was increased in one year from 612 to 639 people and is expected to reach 1000 by 2018. When questioned on this point, the firm responded that it “complies with the tax laws of all the countries in which the company operates. Our investment in France remains, as well as our commitment to the service of its numerical growth.”


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