in currencies, The regulation of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto still in the test stage. What happened in the last week, we assign of restrictive over liberal to oversleep. The Regulatory-Echo.

the Highlights of The crypto-regulation, ordered from restrictive to oversleep. The regulatory response from BTC-ECHO.

Restrictive: China and India China want? the Blockchain censor

What is one of the biggest advantages of the Blockchain technology Your Censorship Resistance. Who might not fit? A Regime that holds more of censorship than freedom of expression. The increasing decentralisation to counteract the Blockchain technology, prescribed by the Chinese cyber police, therefore, a regulation for the Monitoring of the Blockchain. The managing authority publishes 23 different draft laws in order to regulate “the activities of the Blockchain information services to protect the national security [ … ] [ … ] and to promote the healthy and orderly development of the Blockchain technology [ … ]”.

Indian police is building a Bitcoin machine from the

In India, the ground for crypto-currencies is quite unfavorable. Thus, the exchange of Fiat is there – in crypto-currencies since the 3. July is prohibited. Nevertheless, the crypto-exchange, Unocoin, Bitcoin tried-vending machines. She was, however, a short time later the authorities intervened. The Indian police seized the machines directly and built it.

tie: Trump back row, the second row to the front (USA)SEC upstream capacity

The U.S. stock exchange supervision authority, the SEC stepped up their regulatory efforts. To do this, you were on 18. October announced that she set up the Strategic Hub for Innovation and Financial Technology. This FinHub is a swap of some internal Points of the SEC, which is thus relieved. The FinHub is now responsible for creating a differentiated and more effective regulation for Bitcoin & co.

Trump messed (up) business with Chinese companies

the President of The United States leaves no opportunity to present themselves in a bad light. The punitive duties, which he has brought against China, also show up in the crypto-Space your effects. Bitmain, one of the largest manufacturers of Bitcoin miners, must shift in the course of its business and will in the future make no sales on American soil.

Free: do what you want (Japan)Japan leaves it to the Bitcoin-regulation of the Community

probably The most liberal approach in the last week, pursued by Japan. The financial supervision of the island nation decided that it should regulate the Japanese Bitcoin Community itself. With some of the provisions, but with significantly higher self-responsibility.

Sleepy: Germany

we Where at the vending machines: Also the Blockchain-Bank Bitwala built in front of the Brandenburg gate. This, however, was out of operation. So Bitwala wanted to make on the uncertain legal status of Bitcoin. In the same breath, the Start-up is claiming to have wrote an open letter to the Bundestag. In it, she criticized the last judgment of the chamber court of Berlin. The court of appeal declared the existing definitions for Bitcoin & co. of the BaFin to be invalid, omitted, however, new definitions to deliver. Therefore, Newfoundland calls on the Bundestag to address appropriate directives to the regulatory Status of crypto-currencies in the balance. Otherwise, the well-founded fear, sleep Germany (once again) a technological Revolution. It is known to grind the dimensions of the bureaucratic mills in the Land of Poets and thinkers, not just quickly. For more effectiveness, the Blockchain technology is recommended.


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