Conversion or betrayal ? At the end of summer, French prime minister François Fillon will start a second professional life by becoming the thirtieth an associate of the management company Tikehau Capital, after 36 years of elective office.

The path followed by the former Prime minister is not isolated. Indeed, Nicolas Sarkozy, has joined the board of directors of AccorHotels. Previously, Bernadette Chirac had been co-opted by Kering. In the last government of François Hollande, the CVS of the ministers have quickly seduced the headhunters (a profession that has recently received the backing of former us secretary of State Chantal Jouanno, hired Spencer Stuart) : Jean-Marie Le Guen has landed in the insurance broker Siaci Saint Honore, rather than putting her in the white coat of a doctor while Bernard Cazeneuve has renfilé her dress of a lawyer. Instead of criminal law pure and hard as Pierre Joxe (former minister of François Mitterrand), appointed for a minor, it will advocate in a heavy weight of business law, the firm of August-Debouzy.

acute Knowledge of economic issues French

let’s go Back to François Fillon. If égosillera-t-he straps in behind a table of trading for ‘spieler’ (short-term) stocks, bonds, or derivatives ? Neither his lawyer nor his experience in parliamentary and ministerial does not provide the intellectual agility necessary for these tasks, as tiring as stressful. The reading of the statement of Tikehau Capital explains why his profile has caught the eye of his new employer.

Everything is said in a few lines : “his international experience and his acute knowledge of economic issues to the French and european (…) constitute major assets”. In the clear : François Fillon will be put to the service of the company his very thin knowledge of the workings of institutional, administrative, political, social, and financial of the Hexagon and Europe. And the men and women who run it, persifleront some.

Enlighten leaders on the deals in progress

In fact, French prime minister François Fillon will inform the leaders of Tikehau on the deals that they wish to conduct, it will indicate who to contact for that their dossier is found quickly at the top of the stack. Without a warranty, however, a positive response systematic.

hence the popularity of the title Tikehau Capital, Wednesday, August 23 : the action is appreciated 1.61 % 22,07€. This catapult to 2,268 billion euros the capitalisation of a ’boutique’ manager 10 billion euros, launched in 2004 with four million euros, and listed in Paris since last July. This move propels into the great court the author of a raid an abortion against Eurazeo, a holding company of investments of the venerable Bank Lazard in June of last year.

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Costumes Fillon: 4500 euros of shirts offered in addition to French prime minister François Fillon heard by the judges of instruction François Fillon is committed to the christians of the East,

The recruitment of former political leaders by signs financial is neither illegal, nor immoral, nor limited to the Hexagon. The last european Commission illustrates it well : one-third of its 26 commissioners took the plunge, starting with José Manuel Barroso spent at Goldman Sachs… his interlocutor on the Greek crisis ! Politics and financial have everything to gain by these gateways when they speed projects beneficial to the real economy. Provided, however, that the organs of corporate governance shall ensure that the men and women who, for a long time had the profession (of faith) to work for the general interest, exercise their new warrants in respect of consumers, investors and individual shareholders.


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