scrutiny forever. The music producer DJ Khaled, and the Boxprofi Floyd Mayweather junior should have taken the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of Centra Tech a little more closely. At the latest since the spring of this year, it is clear that the operating company has been fraudulent,. As they both have promoted this rip off, you now have problems, this shadow again to get rid of. Also whether the investors will see a total of 32 million US dollars, remains unclear.

Friedrich Schiller knew the song of the bell: “The delusion is short, Remorse is long.” Was meant to be but love and marriage, and not Advertise in social networks for a donor, the two Celebrities seem to have blind trusts. The former WBC champion Floyd Mayweather junior, and the Rapper and music producer DJ Khaled is involved in a fraud case, according to the New York Times (NYT) is not less than 32 million dollars on the game.

Floyd Mayweather animated his Fans to buy

The NYT, it was also revealed in the October of the previous year, as one of the world’s best boxers and helped two young men from Miami, to become rich. Mayweather is in the social networks almost omnipresent. In the case of Facebook, he wrote in September, 2017 with his 13.5 million followers multiple times, that they should buy absolutely the new virtual currency called Centra Token. You should acquire the Token, as long as he was still available, and recommended the Boxer. He had already secured his Coins, because he was convinced that in order for a big payout. The Americans, Khaled Mohamed Khaled was promoting a company that later became known that, apparently, even the Name of the business leader, was freely invented.

Scam instead of “Game Changer”

The authorities arrested the two founders of the Centra Tech (CTR), Sam Sharma, and Robert Farkas, on Sunday, may 1. April. That was just an attempt to escape. The securities and exchange Commission SEC filed a lawsuit against Sharma and Farkas from Miami, because they were widely used, among other things, in several cases, for their own benefit the truth. So you recruited to your company, working closely with Visa and MasterCard, a joint credit card. It turned out later, this statement only to the imagination of the two “business men likewise came” from Miami.

Within six hours after the opening of the first Token output, the company announced that 2,500 people are supposed to have made deposits in the amount of approximately $ 25 million. Mayweather jr. the Investment in addition to Facebook applied also on Twitter and Instagram. Later, he changed his name in various networks, even in the “Floyd ‘Crypto’ Mayweather”. Evil tongues languages instead of the “Money Mayweather”. In a meanwhile deleted Instagram Post DJ Khaled proclaimed followers of his 12 million that he would watch, this Crowdfunding as a genuine “Game Changer”.

damage to Reputation instead of a good cashier

Changed-ultimately, above all else: the reputation of the Celebrities. The two US celebrities would have had to examine this ICO is very much conscientious. Who encouraged his Fans to make an Investment, thus taking the moment very much responsibility. We will have to see whether Khaled and Mayweather this responsibility. At the top of the Tweet is a Video from August of 2017 is embedded, by the way, by Khaled promoting together with Jessica VerSteeg is a “revolutionary” Blockchain solution for Cannabis businesses. No mention is made in the Video that the price of the last advertised Token for a longer time and also revolutionary 0,016 dollars and do something about it.


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