“There is still time !”, hammer the each other in a video posted earlier this week. They are twenty, most extension agents, scientists or policy, to encourage citizens to engage against the climatic warming after the last IPCC report.

They return to a Web site, ilestencoretemps.fr, which lists various concrete initiatives, to achieve alone or in a group, to move the economic and political actors. Among these initiatives, steps for the climate are organized everywhere in France from Saturday.

A new phenomenon

Of each other unite for a cause and call for the mobilization : the phenomenon is relatively new. Since “It is better than that,” the movement launched on Youtube in February 2016 against the law working, they are more to engage in some fights to have a real impact on the company.

On his chain “Sharing is nice”, the youtubeur Vincent Verzat is not his first attempt. In may, it was launched with six other videographers #OnDéborde, a video that invited us to believe that “another world is possible” and denounced, among others, the SIEC, the protection of the secrecy of business, the savings in the area of health and the destruction of nature by industry.

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“There is still time”, a dozen other each other, including Mathieu Summit, Usul, Léa Camilleri and Aude GG, add to the team.

Win small battles

“We have not made this video so that people are aware of the situation, but for people who are already sensitive to the issue commit and take action”, explains Vincent Verzat to France Info. To do this, the each other to attempt to reduce the scale of the ecological combat of the smaller battles. Max Bird announcement for example : “If I don’t have the power to halt deforestation in a snap of the fingers, I know that there is still time to prevent the project golden Mountain […], a project of gold mine open pit in Guyana that will pave the way for a new massacre of the amazon rainforest”, while others propose to take part in the lobbying against the Company, in General to stop funding fossil fuels, or simply to consume in a more responsible way.

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With their video and their website, the each other have already managed to form a group of mobilization and the promise to “invade the media space” and “harass political power.” On Facebook, the group “There is still time” already has almost 60,000 members.

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the first rally is scheduled for this Saturday, October 13 with steps for the climate in fifty cities in France, as well as in Brussels, Geneva and Luxembourg. The group will be joined by many environmental groups and some political parties. The movement of Benoît Hamon Generation.s, France Insubordinate, the French communist Party and Europe Ecology The Greens have shown their support to the event.


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